Shrines beyond cap?

Just interested in knowing if shrines boost your stats beyond your cap, for current version and also 2.1

Nope they don’t go beyond cap!

been looking for a thread like this. I have the Enshrined Perk and have my experience maxed out at 200%. when I find an Experience Shrine, my experience boost goes to 300%, but if I have a map with two Experience Shrines, it stays at 300%. for the Pick Up Items Shrine, one shrine maxes me out at 200%, but when I have two of these shrines, it doesn’t go to 400%. the shrines are random, so I think it would be a good idea for their boosts to go over cap, since I don’t have control over when they appear. I think I am ok with the Gold and Luck Shrines not going over cap, but I wonder if someone with maxed gold/luck would like it to go over. besides, after Ascension, the Experience Shrines are useless, except as monster spawns with the Monster Spawn Perk.


Yep… I can verify this stat boost bug…

When the Enshrined Perk is active and you get two shrines of the same type, stats only reflect one boost, not two…

Yep. As intended.

so sad, and thanks for the replies. I guess the only true bonus for the extra shrine is if you have 2 different shrines, not including the pool shrine, and when you have the monster perk, + 1-3 epic monsters per shrine. also, was playing a few hours after my post, and realized, that when I had the item drop shrine, I was spending a lot of time selling stuff, as I am not running with my Imp at the moment. could you imagine how much time would be spent clearing out our bags if item drop went over cap to 400%? would make one wish very much for an auto sell feature, as seen in other posts.

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