Sign in awards

My idea is very brief and very simple. Either a monthly table or a weekly table for rewards for every consecutive day logged in if it was a monthly award maybe even a purple item at the end of it or at a certain point, but of course it would scale to your level so 1-15 normal 16-25 blue 25-40 rare 41-50 epic 51-60 legend 61-70 green 71-80 light blue 81-99 purple I would love to see this or something similar implemented and I would definitely play more often

Terrific idea, but if I played any more I wouldn’t have time to eat…

I personally do not like these kind of rewards. Signing in =/= playing the game. Eventually, it becomes more of a chore than fun. What happens if you have a family emergency and cannot log on? What if you had little to no access to the internet? This is why I really like the redoable feat system. You get rewarded for playing the game. With a good build and farming strategy, you can get a garanteed eternal per 5hrs of gameplay which equates to at least one ultra rare chrystal/good item. It does not matter if you do it in 1 sitting or 20. The time it takes is the same.

They also lessen the value of playing too. Once you have achieved your daily quota for these rewards, there is less motivation to continue playing. Atm there is no limit to the amount of rewards you can get per day except the time you invest.

Most games with these kind of rewards are P2W to help the masses gain the same rewards as the big spenders. If you know of any non energy and non P2W games with these rewards that makes you wanna play 10hrs+ a day, please tell me. I would love to see how they implement this kind of system with out it feeling forced.


Agree completely with all of this. DQ is a great game and part of what makes it great is the absence of pay2win daily rewards and a paywall in general - it’s very simple to play and do well just by playing, and any items available for purchase are completely optional.

I see why you say this is a bad and j agree but I used to play a game called Valkyrie crusade which is pay to play but not many people did that, and the sign in awards were for every day you signed in not a calander

Clogon is completely correct this system doesn’t fit dungeon quest especially since this technique is used by p2w games too train there players too play every day so that they can have an easier time monitizing the game and so that players stick around past the point where they bo longer wish too play the game as dungeon quests way of making money is coimpletely different (and so much better as well as proof that a f2p can exist with out the use of whales too turn a profit and I’d really like too congratulate the staff on pulling that off) the system really has no place in the game when they’ve already managed too build a way more fair and rewarding system in the feats

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If you guys find a way to implementthis that is fun and rewarding, I am sure the devs will have no problem implementing it. I fully understand that not everyone can invest the same ammount of time into playing the game. If you guys can think of how this reward system can equaly benifit the ones that play 10 mins a day and the ones that play 10 hrs a day, it would be amazing.

My experience with daily rewards is that they don’t actually reward you for playing. Most games that have them, use this system to keep the players logging in and temp them with new content and flash sales. They give you a reward for doing nothing which really deminishs the reward.

The thing I like most about the feats are that you exchange hard work for the reward and therefore has a lot more value. You can proudly say that you killed 200 enslavers for that legend pet!