Hello, everyone. I am new to this game. been playing actively for about 2-3 weeks now. this game is very fun. it reminds me of diablo 3 only with it’s own twists. I finally have entered into the 200+ floors/maps thanks to me spamming teleport and rushing through levels. Anyhow I decided to come to the forum and see what you have here. This is a wonderfully active forum and I have decided to re-open my signature “shop” if anyone was interested.

Here is a link to my photobucket. most of my work is here including current ones. … t=3&page=1

Things I am looking for if you would like a signature.

  1. Username (the name you want on the signature)
  2. Class or picture type. (wizard, rogue, warrior, ninja, angel, demon…etc…)
  3. Colors I can pick from
  4. any other details you think I need to help you.

some people ask if I can do things other than “anime”. yes I suppose I can, they just don’t turn out as well. but I am always up for a little challenge.

Well, I hope to hear from you guys!

Nice work! :smile:

Nice ^^ From all your work I like your current signature ^^

Thank you guys. I love signatures that are outside of the usual box shape, so i started playing with transparent artworks. I guess my passion just launched from there haha.

Wow… No one wants a signature haha. I figured i’d have at least one customer by now.

Its not that they dont want signatures or anything, i mean some testers and admins have their own sig style…

The fact is, not everyone stays in the forums for a very long period of time(except for admins ofcourse), some just post questions and go…

But have no fear, someone will bump in here and ask for sigs…

Number 2 of ur work i like alot

I hope u can make that one in my name