Simple question about crushing blow

is crushing blow affected by damage amplifiers e.g. dmg% to pierced enemies?

also, i increased my crushing blow chance with the help of epiphany, so almost every attack i do is a crushing blow to adapt to higher floors. its just lame that it takes almost the same long time to defeat a low floor elite monster compared to a high floor one assuming a 100% chance, since crushing blow is percent based on health. this makes crushing blow impair boss fights on low levels. can the devs make it so that every crushing blow proc, damage calculation chooses between the standard attack damage(damage it replaced) and percent based crushing blow damage, whichever is higher? this is to prevent crushing blow sucking at low levels.

Nope. Crushing blow is independent of DMG and its basically like life steal but you don’t gain HP from it.

The only way to increase crushing blow is by crushing flames and using Immolate with fire builds and elemental Criticals. As of patch 3.0 that is.

Crushing blow also cannot affect spike damage or exponential DMG of things like Frozen or Poison I believe but there was once a bug that allows it to do so. I could be wrong but personal experience.

Yes you can increase crushing blow chance cap from 60% to 75% via Epiphany (5). Correct.

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Crushing blow is great on high floors when enemies have higher hp than you can deal DPS. It deals lower DMG on bosses since this is intentional.

On normal enemies, you deal the 25% crushing blow. On magic enemies, its 0.25×0.25. for every rarity increase, you add a power . Square 25% for magic enemies aka 25%^2 for eg. 25%^3 for rare enemies. 25%^4 for epic enemies. 25%^5 for legend enemies. 25%^6 on mythic enemies.

As you have enemies more difficult to take down by crushing blow, you would need to hit harder to reduce their HP before your own DPS can finish them off. Higher crushing blow % does make it easier though.

However crushing flames increases this by 250% at (5), if enemy is Immolated or fire elemental critical.

If you do the math, 25%×250% aka 25%× (1+250%)= 87.5% crushing blow on Immolate so on normal enemies, their HP taken is 87.5% of it . This is why normal enemies end up having really low HP with crushing blow even at higher floors.
Or something high enough.

Then you do a power of 2 for magic. Power of 3 for rare. Power of 4 for epic. Power of 5 for legend. Power of 6 for mythic enemy. With 25%, you get a really low number crushing blow taking off HP at the highest rarity but crushing flames makes it easier to take off HP on even the high rarity enemies so easily.

Maybe it’s not 87.5% HP taken instead of 25% on normal enemies with 250% increased crushing blow but it could be 62.5%? Im not sure honestly but I think it’s logical that the 250% increase means (1+250%).

There are people who do have crushing flames higher than (5) though. One thing to note, even though it’s extremely OP or powerful, it won’t work on enemies who are immune to Elemental Criticals (basically some mythic enemies that exist for eg).


oh. that sucks. but just fine since crushing blow is pretty much op by itself.

also, thats a very comprehensive guide you provided there, thank you!

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You’re welcome :smile: . I find it explains things better too.