Simple question

Please tell me how it works.
I dont know which items i should equip in that case - starting item is better than item with much more affixes etc
Btw sorry for bad english And thanks fot answers.

Dont worry about that DPS/protection/hp thingy, the main concerns of an item are whats on it.

(The answer to your question is likely: the new item has a little more item quality)
(the table thingy is not accurate and is not a good measure of what’s good or not)

Your best hope for progress in this game are to read everything, only take what you think helps you;
For example, increasing your attacks skill level for more damage,
Or adding more health because you die a lot.

One tip i give new players: Weapon Dmg +xx% And Weapon Dmg +xxxx are amasing!


Try to use any piece that add more damage since you just starting the game. You could check the benefits in the dps, protect and hp as you replace a piece, try to increase dps over protect and hp, and hp over protect. When bag if full, sell the equip you dont use but keep the stones (dont sell any stone). Prolly you will get a red, green or cyan piece in the future, if so keep it. The codex also present ton of information that could help you in the future, try to read it when you have a time.