Simple suggestion for socketed items


Rare/epic items with 4+ sockets should be locked so they aren’t automatically sold with “sell all” feature.
They can be as useful as a legend items many times!

For myself, I’m starting to convert Hero/Wisdom/Clarity/Abyss into 10 dust by using such items and this would help a lot, but even lower level players may want some of those guys to create a mythic item.


good idea but it will be have to do due to option of item not by affix


when I was poor I thought about it, but now I have 99 Zircon


Me too!




You would spend 4 zircons to get 10 dust? I have 70+ zircons too, but…

Also, my suggestion is mostly for the “poor”, as I’m not exactly finding enough abyss mythstones to do that…


what are you talking about, just drop 2 legends and you can have 10 dust


Exactly… It’s not worth to use 4 zircons for that!


you’re using mythstones to make dust and you are complaning about wastes?


I don’t know what else better I could do with that lot of low level mythstones. That’s just using stuff I wouldn’t use otherwise.


convert legends you can gey lots of Zircon


You mean eternal legends. Yeah, I have a lot of them, but using 4 zircons for 10 dust, which probably came from 4 eternal (=20*4=80 converted directly), seems a very bad idea! XD


You can convert mythstones to dust… 0.0 friggin sweet

Edited : oh i see… tricky. :slight_smile:


Socketed items are already locked though if you manually use the crystal. Locking items as simple as placing calcite or equipping said item. That’s why most wouldn’t be sold with sell all.

I mean if it’s a item that isn’t legend, it won’t be auto locked but you can at least wear it or place calcite and lock it manually. Then sell all and done. Your locked items ofc survive.

Oh and btw speaking of locked items, I remember in the old days when you could unlock legends and sell all lol. I miss that feature tbh but that’s ok. Or maybe it wasn’t like that. I don’t remember too well though.

If you could do salvage all or sell all on legends though , that could be nice but at the same time, I don’t mind the current system as legend items and crafted items safe from the sell all (including the item with just calcite on epic or below rarity items).


Yeah, I know all tricks to do that, but I would like to have this feature anyways so I don’t have to manually check every rare/epic item in my inventory. At least, having an option to do that when I need such items.


If those rare items and stuff get locked, it would become a pain to sell all if they stayed locked automatically . An option is nice but it should be a setting and not a permanent option such as lock all epic and rare items or so. Although that unlock all option would become a thing again…