Six Days Three Bugs

Bug 1: this one got me excited, until i realized it was a bug. my Test Gauntlet is showing Twister with a 3 second cool down. i did some tests and it looks like the CD is still 5 seconds, but is showing 3 seconds on the Stat Page when there is no Cool Down on any of the Equipment. Sword/Orb 1 second CD, Staff/Meteor 4 second CD, and Wand/Storm 7 second CD. was running out of Jasper, so didn’t check Warrior & Rogue weapons, or OH weapons.

Bug 2: found on Affix, Pack Size Challenge Ice Map floor 505 M3. a pack of Blue Tier Skeletons had two of the same affix. they were showing 2x Greatly Resist Ice.

Bug 3: my Wizards Arcane Element Skull Shield isn’t causing Elemental Critical Orbit. Skull is Ice Element with 20 points in Prismatic. although not causing Orbit, it does cause Toxic, Immolate, Freeze, and Paralyze when it is one of the other Elements. i switched both weapons to Arcane to see if Skull Shield still doesn’t cause Orbit, and it doesn’t, but it still causes the other Elemental Crits when switched to the other Elements. but my Twister was causing Orbits, so i think it is something with Skull, maybe.

this one has been around for awhile, but yesterday, i was running through a pack of monsters expecting a lot of Orbits to smash them, but no Orbits, so finally reporting it.


Bug #1 is not a bug, I don’t believe. As long as the character who is selling the items has Dealer, you will get the 10x bonus. If the character does not have Dealer, you will not get the 10x bonus.

Yeah, i hate that skullshield with no orbit, this one is here for a while.

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from what i remember, the Hireling Character doesn’t have access to their Perks, they use the Perks of the Main Character. that’s why you can have a Hireling that never Ascended with a Main that has.

ok, i am looking at my Rogue & Warrior Adventure Stat Page, and my Rogue has Accomplished, Hunter, and Fortunate Perks. my Warrior has Accomplished, Fortunate, and Dealer, but as my Rogues Hireling, shows Accomplished, Hunter, and Fortunate, so Warrior Hireling shouldn’t be able to have access to his Dealer Perk, which is why i placed a bug report on it. and as i mentioned in my report, my Warrior wasn’t selling items at Dealer prices before. my Gold either went down or up a little, but for the last few months, my 2 Ascending Characters are increasing my Gold about 1/4 to 1/3 as good as my Farming Wizard, which is a big difference without Dealer Perk being activated.

thx for the input @Skaul, and yeah, i finally found a reason to report the Skull Shield bug @moosedeer.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you’re saying that the hireling should NOT be able to use Dealer if the main character doesn’t have it, right?

This is untrue. Dealer has always worked on the character that has Dealer. If your main doesn’t have Dealer and your hireling does, your hireling will sell items at 10x value while your main will not. This is not a bug.

If you were ever unable to use Dealer on the character that had the perk that was the bug.

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ahh, i guess i never noticed that.

and yes, that was what i was saying. most of the posts on the subject that i have read have also said that the Hireling only has access to the Perks that the Main has. and as i said in my earlier post, my Hireling only lists the Mains Perks as active, which is another reason i listed it as a bug.

ok, i just did a Search :mag: and found a post in your Tips & Tricks Thread where this was discussed, and it is mentioned that Dealer works as you have said. i will change this Thread to acknowledge the correction.