Skill cast

When using 1xbarbarian and 2xPTL what mythic or red affix should be used to cast all skills? I can only cast prim skill. Im also using 2x glasscannon

You can use desperation with high MP regen. You can use fury if your planning on using primary skill only. I’m not familiar with Energy mythic you can also try that one too.

High MP Regen doesn’t have to be too high but high enough that your skill will cast when you run out of mana.

As for Energy mythic , you gain DMG % from lost Energy so if you tried to use up 50% Energy, you gain 50% more DMG. If you used almost all your Energy aka 90%, you gain 90% DMG. The damage is based off missing % Energy out of 100%.

Primary skills use 10% energy, special skills use 30% energy. The energy does recover every second though but a cast will give you extra DMG , though having the casts being extra costly make you deal overall more DMG.

Example: Barbarian + Energy. I noticed that you half the mana for energy so suddenly special skill ends up using almost all your Energy instead of just 30% of it with 50% barbarian.

With push the limit 100% or 50%, your cost of skills in energy uses more Energy but you deal more DMG as well.

Energy used to be based on full Energy % but that was changed to missing energy % which is fine .

Fury increases special skills DMG by how much Fury % you have so full fury would buff the process by 100% DMG or special skill cast as well. Primay skills don’t gain DMG but they do fill up the bar constantly so you wouldn’t worry about running out on high APS builds.

He is using 2 PTL. I think that he really needs a high MP Regen if he opted for desperation. He also stated that he wants to use Special skill.

I see.

if he use Blood Magic mythic, what is the disadvantage of this?

Mana is health thats the disadvantage.

i have question… while using my skill in arena with blood magic, my hp also decreasing?

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am i right?


what a bad news… but i need mana to cast always my skill… what is the best way to solve this, if i’m using fury mythic, i need to cast my primary skill, but i’m using always the 2 secondary skills and not always running or using my primary skill, i’m using battle mage…

Hp on hit and regen affixes.

i don’t need Hp on hit… MP is my problem… if i can’t use blood magic!!!

MP on hit and MP regen affixes + some hero points in intelligence + mythic Desperation (head) or Serenity (head) + mythic stones Gift, Mentor and Return.

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Of u are using BM use hp on hit and hp regen affixes.

His problem is low mana/mp so hp on hit and hp regen affixes don’t solve his problem

He said BM which means bloodmagic so his points are relevant when it comes to Bloodmagic mythic.

using BM will convert mana to HP and you will use HP to use skill

BM is a kind of awful because you get kill very fast.

Barbarian ruins any chance of using special skills by almost any resource system. If you’re planning use special skills, then I definitely don’t recommend using any resource system, but high enough mana/regen values because your PTLs. Desperation also helps here. If you don’t care about special skills, then just use fury.