Skill points

How do people spam their skill points? im on PC but I have to constantly click to add in a skill point, holding it doesn’t work.

click on the skill → spend (at the bottom, near the center)

Stat Points and Skill Points have to be done one click at a time. we have the same problem with the game on devices (androids for example).

just to make sure, are you referring to Shiny Box DQ or Roblox Dungeon Quest?

@VoidWalker , welcome to DQ Forums!

I am talking about Roblox Dungeon Quest by vCaffey, I see people put points in their health and it goes from 1-100 in like a second, does a auto clicker works?

this is the Forum for Shiny Box Dungeon Quest. you need to find the forum or fan wiki for Roblox Dungeon Quest to find answers for your question.

maybe this will help… there’s a link a few posts into the thread.

Ah, thank you