Is it possible that you can choose your character skll or it is fixed?

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On Special Skill you can but on Primary Skill no…

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special skill like what? :slight_smile:

For example, a wizards skull has a primary skill of skullshield and a special skill of skulldraga . I can change the special skill of by using the gem that allows you to change it. That means you can replace it with another skill (even with one from another character class)

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oh okay thanks for the help :slight_smile:

weapon skills are based on the weapons they come with. as @DeadlyMass & @dickwad said, there is a crystal that can change the Special (the second skill on the weapons) to another Special skill, even one of another class. the primary skills on the weapons can’t be changed, except for changing to the weapon that has it.


And if you want to use another classes skill there is a set bonus that boosts it which I’m sure @Golem will know :slight_smile:

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if I remember correctly, one set increases the damage of any procs from other classes, one increases damage of all procs based on how many different procs you have on your gears, and the last one increases damage to special skills…well, checking my Codex…ok, Identity increases damage of spells from other classes, Maelstrom increases damage of all proc skills, and Mayhem increases damage of procs based on the number of each unique proc on your gears. read Codex for more info, or read the set info when you find the item. :wink:
Identity would be good if both of your special skills on your weapons were from another class, or you have a lot of procs from other classes, or both. the other 2 would be good if you are doing a build that focus’s on however many procs it takes to be worth these 2 sets.


Can I use the extra attacks talent im special skills?


they can only be used on your MH Primary Skills. Comet on Staff for example. if you are using the Discordance Mythic, it switches your MH Primary & Special Skills. using Staff as an example, Comet would have the Cool Down, Damage, and Spell Costs of Meteor; and Skilled Mythic would still work with it. also, you still use Comet Skill Points to improve Comet. Meteor would have the APS, damage, Spell Cost of Comet, and Multi Attack & Extra Attack Chance would also affect Meteor. and you would use Meteor Skill Points to improve Meteor.

Meteor, Blink Strike, and 1 or 2 other Spells have Extra Attacks when you put a certain amount of Skill Points into them, if that is what your question is about. I think it’s 11 points for the first extra attack and 21 points for the second extra attack.

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Only a minor correction, discordance no longer affects damage

as in Meteor still does 750% weapon damage and Comet would do 100% weapon damage when using Discordance? :eyes: (found answer to this, a big no)

I remember reading that in the early days, Discordance also increased damage done.

Edit: I just read that in Patch 2.0, Discordance had a +25% damage for MH. I was looking at later Patch Notes to see if that was changed, and haven’t found it yet. I think this is what you are referring to? especially since in the Codex > Dictionary doesn’t have it.

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Im not sure because i was fooling around with flintlock and knightscharge special which didnt work, and tried with a few other specials such as multishot, throwSword, whirlwind… even tried them on wizard’s sword mh

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I’ve only really used Discordance to test it, and actually for using the Primary as a Special. mostly because most players use it to have their Special as the Primary.

I found that I really have to think outside the box for a build using the Primary as Special, and it is slow thinking on my part.

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Tbh if you’re using discordance now, you’re not using your mh primary attack… i found that a wizard/warrior using Blinkstrike and discordance to be fun but the AI seems to only want to cast it like once per second

Might be fun to try a warrior with orb, reactor and time warp if orb is still a projectile? Tho that might be better on a rogue with fury and chakram haha

The reason i say to not use a skill on its original class is because: in arena you only get heroic points from gear, not what you invested, so might as well use a different class and use identity while you’re at it


cool stuff.

Orb isn’t a projectile anymore as of 3.0.

I haven’t really done anything with Discordance yet, except for some testing. I want to try a few Builds, a Wizard Discordance Comet on Staff and Rogue Discordance Boomerang on Chakram. and it might sound dumb, but I kind of want to try a Warrior Discordance Smash on Hammer. the funny thing is, I haven’t even tried any Discordance Builds like most players do, Class Discordance Special on MH, I want to try going the other way… Class Discordance Primary on MH.


An exception to that is using Battlemage, Spellsword and Scoundrel. Only for MH Primary.
Amber for specials to any that you like. You aren’t limited in the exact way as Jasper with only 1 option per class for that weapon.

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