Is it possible that you can choose your character skll or it is fixed?


On Special Skill you can but on Primary Skill no…


special skill like what? :slight_smile:


For example, a wizards skull has a primary skill of skullshield and a special skill of skulldraga . I can change the special skill of by using the gem that allows you to change it. That means you can replace it with another skill (even with one from another character class)


oh okay thanks for the help :slight_smile:


weapon skills are based on the weapons they come with. as @DeadlyMass & @dickwad said, there is a crystal that can change the Special (the second skill on the weapons) to another Special skill, even one of another class. the primary skills on the weapons can’t be changed, except for changing to the weapon that has it.


And if you want to use another classes skill there is a set bonus that boosts it which I’m sure @Golem will know :slight_smile:


if I remember correctly, one set increases the damage of any procs from other classes, one increases damage of all procs based on how many different procs you have on your gears, and the last one increases damage to special skills…well, checking my Codex…ok, Identity increases damage of spells from other classes, Maelstrom increases damage of all proc skills, and Mayhem increases damage of procs based on the number of each unique proc on your gears. read Codex for more info, or read the set info when you find the item. :wink:
Identity would be good if both of your special skills on your weapons were from another class, or you have a lot of procs from other classes, or both. the other 2 would be good if you are doing a build that focus’s on however many procs it takes to be worth these 2 sets.