Skipping low floors with leveled Hireling?

Lately my interest in this game has been disappearing since messing my warrior up and I have a level 56 Rogue from using him as a Hireling. Is there anyway to play as my Rogue and not have to run all the low floors 0-100 and whatnot? I know it happened to my warrior because originally he was leveled up via the hire system… I just have no clue how I did it… I really wanna get my interest sparked in the game again, but man running through those floors yet again?! Anyone know how to skip floors so I can get to the good stuff again.

Buy the “explore map” item from the shop and skip everything until you see the green dot (portal) on the map. Depending on your floor you have to defeat an Epic Enemy at the portal.
Surely if you skip, you don’t get that much loot, but since you want to progress fast to the higher floors this is an idea.
You can also buy cartographer maps and skip everything and when reaching the green dot on your map kill the cartographer and get his map and proceed to the next floor through the portal. If you do it that way, you also don’t have to kill the “story bosses”.

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I’ve noticed that as you go up floors with your hireling, the floor you start on with hireling increases should you switch chars…

Every character class should finish every floor to able to unlock floors 1-200 and can go back to what floor you have completed if you’re hunting for a specific legendary items that has floor location on where to find them…when you’re on floor 200 you can hunt cartographer and kill then loot the next map that will be drop or you could just buy a map in store just always remember to have back up of your current map so that you don’t need to go back floor 200 again…floor 200+ maps are also called random map it has it’s own reward bonus depending on normal,magic,rare and epic map…