Skipping the animation after winning or losing in pvp

Maybe you are being annoyed how slow the animation after winning/losing in a match or you’re just ampatient (jk) because the animation shows your mmr, arena exp gained and level, and the rarity of the reward chest (if you won).

If you don’t really need to know your mmr, arena level and the reward chest rarity (if you won ofc), you can actually skip the animation by clicking the ‘back’ navigation button multiple times.

Here’s a demonstration how.


I face you Sir’ @Illuzion my wizard is harder but nahirapan ako naabot round9-12 exactly finish the battle.

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Maybe you just need to counter my build in order to kill my ai in round 1. Maybe you just using a build that my build had an advantage. Basically, every arena build has pros and cons, strengths and weaknessess.