Skull shield builds

Anyone try making a build for skull shield? Im loving it so far while leveling. Wondering if its late game viable and how.

Unfortunately no skull shield builds here I’d love too see you try one out though :wink: :grin: we’re missing alot of cool and inventive builds on here not enough people making em yet skull shield is definitely a difficult one because it lacks real rapid crowd control but you could probably change that using a frozen build and they are definitely able too dish out serious damage so I’d love too see someone try it out :smile: here’s a link too the build compendium you can pull alot of great ideas and knowledge from the builds listed here DQ Builds Compendium [2.1]

I might plan to make shullshield build when using fire and shock but definitely is a difficult one. Still it goes good with poison or frozen with enough dmg for crowd control or some other combination.
As @Griffin012 said have a look at the build compendium for builds, inspiration and that.
Thanks for reading :smile:

Technically, green garden is a skull build.

Yup,though it can also be other types of builds but it is a skull shield build. Green garden is actually fairly simple to build nowadays but you just need enough crystals and learn what works and what should be replaced. Skull shield will constantly fire make more enemy affected and more enemy affected = lots more dmg thanks to poison cloud and high dot strength from Druidic and plagued to multiply.

Green garden could be many types of build you think could work in green garden as long as not too many key affixes replaced.