Skullshield and Sureshot

Hell guys. I have a wizard main. It has a build that simply runs around the map(momentum and adventurer) and using skull shield(frozen) only. Today I crafted a chest and put sure shot mythic. I saw on other topic that sure shot guarantees a deadly strike but upon crafting and using the item I don’t see the deadly strike text on mobs, only purple numbers. Is this a bug? Thanks for any help, sorry for the noob question.

By the way I don’t have the deadly strike obsidian affix. Do I need to have that? I have 1x crush blow 2x weaken 1x critical chance 1x dodge and 1x critical damage.

Yes. Also I’d rather recommend Brutal Mythic if you’re gonna use deadly strike and especially since your skills will attack often with crits. You wouldn’t need sureshot as it only works on full HP enemies and it’s not really that useful for overall damage. Skullshield+Brutal = win. Although it’s less relevant with crushing flames but you can still use them.

For frozen build, Brutal is extremely powerful but sureshot can work with Frozen too (although not reliable as it’s hard to get a mass of mobs to have full HP and have continuous frozen explosion deal so much damage). Brutal relies on deadly strike but Frozen can reach deadly strike fairly fine. Fire and immolate with bleed can reach deadly strikes and the skullshield often when it hits rapidly . Especially useful with Inferno set affix.

I tested it again and it appears that deadly strike do appear but I seldom see the “deadly strike text”. Is it because frozen weapons do AOE damage? How does the skull shield skill really work?