Skullshield Questions + Bewilder Testing

Working on a skullshield build. Do shullshield projectiles count as “wizard projectiles” for the purpose of Bewilder talent? Also, does increased AOE do anything for skullshield?


I did a search, and couldn’t find anything about Bewilder Talent & Skullshield. you should just do the test yourself and post it here. I’m sure this question has been asked before, but I couldn’t find it :imp: .

AoE doesn’t affect Skullshield, but if you are using Explosive affix, the explosions from Explosive are affected by AoE when an enemy is hit by a Skullshield attack. this is how you give your Skullshield an AoE effect.

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Did some extensive testing on bewilder (and updated post name to reflect that) results are as follows:
MH Skills affected by Bewilder Talent: Barrage, Storm, Comet, Pierce, Orb.
OH Skills affected by Bewilder Talent: Teleport.
Inconclusive: Blast, Twister. (Blast has innate stun, and twister has innate taunt; currently unable to introduce enough variation within test paremeters to verify if Bewilder Talent causes any further effect past those innate effects already present)

Notes: Bewilder Talent DOES NOT give projectiles a %chance to stun; it has a %chance of causing a projectile to stun any enemy it hits. This is particularly noticeable on the Orb Skill. This does not include the AOE explosion of Comet Skill, which one stuns an enemy on a direct hit.
Also, Teleport Skill behaves strangely. I do not believe it is intended to function as a projectile, and I am uncertain at this time if it truly counts as a projectile in all calculations, or if it is simply a unique interaction with the Bewilder Talent. It is quite possibly unintentional, but I would need verification from devs to make a definitive statement.


great work!