Skullshield-Wizard - help please :)

Hej guys!

I have a question:
What skills on the items(like wizardry) are good, if I use skullshield?
Can someone help out?


I use focus on chest
Amplify on head
Empower on amulet
Maybe bewildering / magnify on ring

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What´s with necrotic?
My Skulls should freeze all the enemys and my roque gonna finish them… So no need for much dmg on skulls

Oh. Then go for necrotic. I based it on my lone wizard. Never thought of you having a hireling :laughing:

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No :slight_smile:
Wizard is full of farming equipment and only need to freeze the enemys, so my flintrock-roque can kill them with frozen :slight_smile:

But another question…
Is it possible to get a “taunt-proc” or smth. for the skulls?
That would be really awesome!

Taunt plus freeze plus frozen explode + explsion would be awesome.

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The skull’s attacks do not proc it.

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So it´s not possible, that´s bad :frowning:

Well, then I need to think about another way to “group” the enemys…

I don´t want to push the buttons too much, if you understand :slight_smile:

What is your skull’s special?

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Skullshield / Shatter

I cannot think of any ways to have a taunt for the mobs except for exchanging the mobility from shatter to taunt

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But then, I need to cast taunt, right?
I would love, if I don´t need to do that^^

What is ur hireling? Is it warrior?

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Ow too bad… Maybe just substitute one space for taunt proc. Ull have to be smart about it so that it will not affect the damage of ur build too much.


On Roque(hireling) or on Wizard(main)?
If Wizard, that shouldn´t be a big problem - he don´t need to deal damage…

On hireling but if ur ok pressing much put it on wiz.

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I´m not - that´s the problem :smiley:

I run around, the skulls shoot a bit and freeze the enemys and I loot… The Roque should do the “hard work”

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Welp can u show me ur build on rogue? Maybe i can help you to put a taunt for OH special or a proc.

Ill just make a suggestion . If its good to you

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But I don´t have the roque ready yet - I try to build up this one:

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