Sky fall maps rock


They give lots of nice legend finds etc. Sometimes even better than legend and eternal maps but they have the getting squashed factor to deal with. Max dodge and block are essential when farming sky fall. Top beginners tip is locate the cartographer at once. Run towards him like a maniac and kill as quick as possible. This usually stops the meteorite shower. Then finish the map at a calmer pace


I always had a sneaky suspicion that sky fall was a deterrent to be overcome because of crafty game makers giving the player a gift with barbed wire and inviting them to accept the challenge.


Not recommended for very high floors :wink:


the only downside to Sky Fall Maps is, if you get killed again before you finish the map after killing the Cartographer, the Sky starts Falling again. and doesn’t stop even when you kill all the other monsters. tough map all around.


Sometimes sky fall starts again if you spawn a rare monster from a shrine I believe


haven’t had that happen, but then, I don’t do Sky Fall Maps that often, only when I feel like a bit of danger. a 1 hit death from a monster is tough enough, but with SFM’s all over the place, it is like two to five times the monsters you have to deal with, and the Meteors from the sky are like Zombie monsters, you can’t kill them, but them might kill you! :ghost: + :crossed_swords: = :skull_and_crossbones:


Sky fall maps are hard to analyse and understand. You cannot learn their secrets when dead. I create hypothesis but have no way of confirming them or ruling them out because I’m dead. Frustrating :smile:


run fast, dodge & block a lot, kill the Cartographer, and then stay alive until you are done with the map. :wink: :comet:x5k


Oh and have plenty of luck stats etc


the skyfall will disappear if you killed Cartho. skyfall will comeback if monsters killed you. so be careful. @dickwad was right. skyfall maps has chance to give rare items. legends/eternals. but i usually go to packsize maps. for farming. :sunglasses:


Oh, I haven’t noticed this rare item drops on skyfall maps, i better find out meself :hugs: . Skyfall maps are frustrating :weary: especially when paired with high pack size affix along with gangs of furries :comet: :comet: :comet: :scream: . I guess running is the best way to avoid them and stay alive, so i stick with high MS :sunglasses:


hmm, I guess that when I make a better Farm Build, I need to take Sky Fall Maps into consideration. in a way it makes sense, Sky Fall Maps are hard to deal with, even if you prepare for them, so better loot for doing those maps sounds nice.


Throw in potion nerf and thorns and you’re set.