Skyfall build

The idea of build is to use meteor skill VERY quickly with aftermath 4.
I didn’t test this build but it looks awesome
So, you need:
-to be a wizard
-40 meteor
-4 multi attack (or 5 if epiphany, 2 if in arena)
-4 extra attack chance (or 5 or 2)
-max attack speed
-4 aftermath
-bombard (if it recieves taunt from aftermath)
(-meteor proc)
After it’s up to you


this is an old Post, but when you read further down the Thread, you can see how the Build changed over time.

also, there has been a lot of changes, like you can get Epic Meteor +10 now, back then it was Epic Meteor +5, so now you only need 2 instead of 4 with 20 Skill Points to get Meteor 40.

as a Noob, I really hated Meteor, so I never really paid attention to the Aftermath Set. but now I see some potential with using it, mostly because I don’t hate Meteor like I used to and am willing to try some builds with it.