Slots buying

I have two android devices, and i bought new slot for character on first device, but when I trying to buy new slot on second device I take the message from google play “You already have this app”
Both devises registered on one google play account.

P.S How soon will be the new class? :smile:

P.P.S Sorry for my bad english.

Hello, and thank you VERY MUCH for your support!

Since those purchases are stored on your google account, you already have that slot on all devices. On the second device, go to the main menu and press the “DQ Account” button. This will “restore purchases” from the google servers and you should see your slot show up on that device as well!

I am getting ready to push out a new update today. I only have to test some google purchase stuff and it will be good to go. LOTS of new changes in this patch, but the new character class is still being developed.

Thank you very much, problem was solved.
But I have a new trouble. After achieve 21 lvl new skill didn’t opening.

That is an issue we are fixing with tonight’s update!

Currently you need to have a Weapon that is Item Level (iLVL) 21 or higher to unlock the main hand skill and an off hand weapon that is Item Level (iLVL) 26 or higher to unlock the second skill.

After our update goes live tonight it will automatically unlock skill 1 at level 10 and skill 2 at level 20.

Sorry for any confusion, and thank you for playing!

Thanks, game is amazing, and I happy than you developing that.
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