Sn@ke_eyes in banned league

Just want to know what are the grounds being subjected to banned league?my heroes being put there not knowing the reason why?could any body assist me on how to fix it?

@YVRA_07.PH Nasa banned leagued ka na pala haha IGN: Sieghart here :slight_smile:

Ha ha ou nga tol.,and wondrin what the basis are​:joy::joy::joy:.ever since i had played dq fair and square.,so im totally shocked ng makita q ai q sa banned.,

best way is to PM one of the Devs. basically someone thinks you have non-legit modified items equipped, reported it, and the Devs could have put you in Banned League while they investigate. anything more than that is beyond my knowledge.

I may have gotten an email from you yesterday, I cannot quite remember. If I did I will get your account reviewed. You can also dm me here

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I havent modified items in non legits ways.,we only use legit crafting and u can always see it on my gears equiped.,and its not also in cheaters report log.

Tnx for response sir tdaniel.,expect my dm may later or tomorrow just got busy for now.btw how can i hav a direct contact with you sir tdaniel.,my appology just a forum newbie sir.

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Maybe later or tommorow sir i mean😁

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Good day sir tdaniel its me again.,just checking out if is there any progress about the status of my account.i would be very happy to assist if is there any info i could provide for the quick recovering of my account.thankyou.,

Nothing more you can do on your end. I am sure I responded to your DM the other day, did I not?