[Sneak Peak] Lightning Bleed Warrior Build (Floor 2111 M3)

Fast tic of Bleed makes me slow to catch by using screenshot but look closely to numbers you will see what I saw. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


your at 500-800 floor? :smile:

floor 2111 :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Can’t catch the 7 and 9 digits flying in the screen because of very fast tic and hustle of making me die.

1HP makes me really really not comfortable when trolling 2100+ floors M3. Because of its too high of Gold Price for Respawning after the 2 Free Respawn.

pretty nc bro. only downside is survivality i gues ur gold got sink up from repawn fee lol.

haha knew it the higher you are the higher dmg will show up :slight_smile:


@Eater ya.also crushing blow is so godly on higher floors lol. u can easily deal billions/trillion/quadrillion out of any.

also i think rogue talent relentless really shines in higherfloor synergize well w/ crushing affix.

cant even imagine if u go 10k+ floor lol. just tired of floor hiking since der no reason atm goin on really high floors. (hope devs implement something to motivate floor hikers).

yes yes crushing blow is one of the key for billion dmg or higher :smiley: but deadly is fine sometimes too

@Eater well almost 90% of people on high floor got crushing30% deadly 30% (w/brutal)

@Eater @roykiyoy. Yes yes 2 of you are probably right. Crushing Blow + Deadly Strike + Brutal is the main reason how to kill enemies in higher floors. But my reason why I go this high floors is to check how fast I can get rid of them. In floor 1780 I already spam 8 digit numbers. I thought when I go to 2111 floor I will see 10 to 12 digits like the Mayhem Project :grin:. But still my mission is not succesful due to high gold price for respawning and got laggy when pack size 100 to 150%.

@marwinberna ya the freakin respawn price is crazy high lol. thats why whenever i hike floor 2k+ k i just use ice+frozen to burst them and icefroze mobs (really help my wiz survive lel can stil clear high floor swiftly) as for rogue though no prob cuz they got perma stealth. i stil ned to improve my toss warrior.

cuz when u just kept dying instead of earning gold from run ujust waste gold instead.

as for mayhem project - dmg was crazy high b4 since poison was OP that time and also druidic set and toxic are too powerful (but nerf so much this 2.3)

try this
2 crushing
2 deadly
crit chance
crit dmg
/ brutal
works like a charm

you can use poison too for the poison cloud works well at pack size :wink:

@Eater ya toxic and frozen are pretty good innpacksize (its just that ice slow/disable mobs gives u more survival rate)

i think 1deadly30% w/ brutal is enough.
i prefer adding 2xdodge30% for survival and huge dmg boost w/ pathfinder affix(1x dodge enough w/ rogue).
well 45% cd reduc (is like mandatory for rogues for perma stealth/use deadly arts affix if u dont have 45%cd crystal afix.)

@roykiyoy yeah :smile: pathfinder is OP at high floors im using a combo of poison and ice for more survival rate

@Eater dual element seems fun.
in my dls hireling
i use ice orb on gaunt/ lighning on my skullshield(to stack dmg) w/ frostbite and highvolage. (though pure element build also good and enough)

Right now at 2.3v, Frozen Build is the Monster of all Elements. Poison becomes weak due to nerf.

Just try to use Shock Build if it can level the spamming numbers of Frozen Build at this DQ Version.

My Wizard build is Manashield + Aftermath + Frozen Build. It can spam 10 to 12 digits of numbers every explosion of Frozen Affix.

I want to make sure if underdog elements can become Deadly and Fun same as the Imba Elements. Thats why I try this Lightning Bleed. :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:

hope dey revise effect of electrified. to buffed lightning elements. and add new set affix thay synergize w/ inferno.

@marwinberna i just cant use aftermath build in my cp since lag spike whenever i enter pack maps lol. im pretty happy w/ reactor (though hope they remove projectile speed slow whenever u lvl orb lol)

im assuming the purple dmg numbers arent crushing blow. cuz crushing blow crits = 1 hit ko any white troop, too imba.

nice preview 20B dmg hehe.

@kevs926 w/ decent build in high floor u can easily deal 20b/100b/8000b/5-8digit b(often burst) etc…