So basically this game is 5 different dungeons on repeat for a 1000 times?

Seems kinda pointless… pve is just 5 different dungeons and pvp doesnt even exist… youre just fighting AI
Hopefully there is more to this game?

The large majority of the game is centered around build creation for the character classes. The standard four act cycle does get some variety when you start using challenge maps as well.

If you are looking for a ton of variety in the visual aspects of the levels you might be disappointed depending on your graphical taste requirements. All of the levels are randomly generated physically as well.

Hopefully the game play is enough to keep ya hooked but if not, we understand.

Either way, thanks for playing DQ!

On one hand I really like it, especially that each class has a unique set of weapons to choose from and combine which allows a player to create his own playstyle, graphics wise its great, however there just doesnt seem to be any depth.
After you farm some good equipment there doesnt seem to be any end game with new bosses, new challenging boss fights, or real time pvp against other players.
Im mostly a pc gamer so maybe my expectations are just not reasonable for an android game. But in any case adding co-op and/or realtime pvp would make this game insanely good. Hopefully my mobile gaming dreams will come true one day

Ya never know :wink:

Also, don’t let our lack of visual content spoil other android (mobile in general) games for you. There are plenty that have enough variety visually to keep even the most discerning eye occupied for a while!

But I feel where you are coming from, it is hard to find a game with ALL of that in one package.


Unless you can make a phone as powerfull as a pc with no internet connection issues and provide it to everyone in the world, I do not understand why you would even compare the 2 platforms. Even on high end phones, DQ can cause MASSIVE FPS loss using a single Char.

I understand that this game is just not for you. It is an offline single player game where even someone in a third world country with bad internet or limited electricity can enjoy. I am sure these issues are irrelevant to a PC gamer like you who enjoys seemsless internet and power.