So i bought a pet skin

So a while back i bought a pet skin and now its gone and is asking for me to by it again. Every other thing i bought is there. Would that be because its a purchase every time thing or what i mean i get its a dollar but still.

did you sell the pet you put the skin on? I think you buy one skin per pet, not one skin for all pets that can use it. I don’t see a vanity tab for pets. that is just my thoughts on the subject. just have to wait and see what the Dev’s have to say.

You maybe right my tablet crashed and i didn’t get to upload my saves to the cloud so i may have lost the skin for my dog. Which would be a sucky thing.

try emailing I don’t know if they have a questionnaire or whatever, but you should explain your problem as best as you can in as few words as possible. they should get in contact with you for your information and see if they can get your lost skin back. if you still have the receipt in your email or where ever from the purchase, that will help a lot. hope this helps.