So, i need help with Legendary and above enemies

So, i’ve been playing on and off this game for a while now and i keep bumping into problems on my warrior.
For example, last night, i’ve summoned Legendary mob but i couldn’t kill it. I kept dying either from tornado, or his fire spread, or toxic cloud, or i don’t even know what else was killing me, but i was dying a lot, to a point i had to quit.
My setup is around Crushing Blow btw and below is my setup with items i have equipped. Anyone can help me tweak it a bit so i can continue my progress?

Frozen Fate axe (7858 DPS Ice damage)
26.6% Crushing Blow, +10% to all proc, +24% taunt proc, +22.5 Twister Proc +89.1% Ice damage

Druidic, +37.1 Resource Cost, +23.5 Torrent proc, +81.1 Frostbitting, +23.8 Sentry Proc +9.7 Crushing Blow

Eternal Wildhide (toxic enchant)
Druidic, Ignore Resist, 39.4 Torrent Proc, 170.3 Bligt, +744 MP and 842 HP Regen

Boundless Cap
Eternalized, +209.9% luck, +22.1 Twister Proc, +8 Fortune, +25.8 Elemental critical, +9 might

Oaken Band
+23.7 Crushing Blow, +2% HP on hit, +18.2 dmg to elites, +7 WHirlwind, +3416 ice dmg and +16% ice damage

Eternal Ignis’s Bane
+10% crushing blow, +155 Frostbitting, +41% DMG to elites, +34.6 ice Dmg%, +24.8 Freeze and +8762 Ice damage.

Edit: Forgot to mention, i’m using “legendary” Prism pet, with:
Elements, +250 All resist, +10 sacrifice, +15% crit chance, +7500 HP and +250MP on hit

What can i change here? Got access to Map level 400. Struggling with maps above that :confused:

U need +2 all set at ring and neck, if u dont have mythstone +2 set… use nadroji ring and amulet…

Use dps set like plagued, frozen, crushing flame.
If u new and not have resource, my suggest farm at 200 floor at easy mode… until u get resource to make better build.

If u still struggle to kill mob and dont have nadroji ring or +2 all set
U can change ur item like this…
Keep ur axe
Keep ur chest
Change ur off hand to horn (anything u have)
Change ur ring to plague set (i forgot the name)
Change ur amulet to plague set too.
Change ur elemnt to poison

For game play, just spam sprint through the map, mob will die because ur plagued dot and cloud

What do you mean by “+2” whole set?

It red affix and mythstone elixer

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Never seen that one before. What does it do?
Going to charge my phone and give the farming a chance :smile:

+All Sets (Elixer Myth Stone - place stone in a Socket) or +All Set Numbers (Legend Affix - find on loot only) has a Cap of +4. so that Nadroji that is shown would show as Nadroji (5) on your gears if your All Sets is +4. set number and all sets stack, but only to +4 total. so if you had a different Set (Green Affix) on each item and Pet, they would all be Set Affix (5). the Sets that I see on your gear with +4 All Sets would give you Druidic (6), Eternalized (5), and Elements (5). Elements (1) gives you a 7.5% chance for your attacks Spell to be cast again but with another Element. Elements (5) gives you a +37.5% chance. and also the same for the All Resist boost.

also at higher floors, HP, Armor, All Resist become less useful and Dodge, Block, and Sanctuary become more important, as the higher you go in floors, the more monsters there are that can kill you with one hit.

+All Skills would help also. it increases the Rank of Spell Skills, even those of other Classes, like the Twister Proc for example, even though you are a Warrior.

honestly, like @brang said, farm floors between 100 & 200. get your Fortune Skill to 20, 40 if you use Fortune Affixes on items, and check your stat page to make sure you get your Luck and Gold Find to +650%. this will give you more loot on lower floors that you can kill monsters fast, and give you time to learn what affixes and items can do.

if you can, any +20% Element Damage (Epic - Orange), switch them out for something else, like Dodge, Crit Chance or Crit Damange, or keep them and get rid of the Flat +5k Element Damage, because they are less useful than the % ED when your items get higher in level.

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Thank you for reply, but i’ll need to change most of my gear since stuff i’m using now is “green” quality and i can’t edit its stats :confused:
Working on my axe now, transformed it into “purple” quality one with cyclone skill, and working on adding legendary affixes to it while farming for other stuff. Kinda lacking gold to transform legendary equipment into crystals :frowning:

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Farm with ur current item, its not bad tough,
Make a better build cost a lot crystal and its very expensive… If u need gold, use item with gold find, and farm at floor slime or ice floor…
Salvage ur legend drop and convert eternal (if u not need that)…

Eternal items are more powerful than Legend items, but not all Crystals can be use on them, but you can use all Crystals on Legend items to customize them.

and another post to look at so you don’t lose a lot of Crystals trying to get an affix that can only be found on loot.

So, i just beat the legendary mob! Replaced my ring with other one with more HP and resistances and had luck to get green quality horn prior to that…
It was a bit tough since i was at 384th floor and one of the affixes was mob lifesteal, but i did it.
Had to swap that horn with “demonic” shield at the end due to healing prevention but i did it!
PS: got crappy loot from it :frowning:
Thank you guys!

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I agree with this, my item was plague totem and amulet, nadroji ring, eternalized lance (posion/blight). For my head and chest, any suggestions? :slight_smile:

U can use crystalized for head, if u dont have it, u can use adventure+momentum for more damage,