So many powerful builds. Can I get some newb help cause I'm still fairly new

Ok everybody’s been real helpful so far but every video I watch has people with crystal gear farming floor 500 EP 8 saying BEST SPOT TO GET ITEMS. ok well I can’t get past floor 357 EP 1. So here’s my curent build. I’ve tweaked it a few times and tried to make it as good as I can. Please know if you recomend I change anything to supply info on where to aquire items for the change ie floor or what not. Please also know that I have dealer perk so it helps in converting for rare gems. I don’t have a super build so please keep that in mind when it comes to any advice. Curently I’m trying to get wildhare to get ignore resistance.

if u want to farm crystals but cant get to 500 floor… stay in 200floor do the feat kill epic enemies upon killing 50 > legend enemy spwn. upon killing 10 legend > mythic enemyspwn ( drop eternal item) (use hunter ring or hunter perk - spwn epic enemies upon using well/shrines) also use eternalized affix mh wep crystaline affix hat or vice versa. and nadjori affix(inc ur % of droprate)

note that when u pick legend items der is a chance that it will be eternal/crystal usually u will get tons for eternal/crystal upon doin this many times

the fast way to earn ultra rare crystal is to convert legend/eternal/crystal item…even u farm in floor500+ for tons of hours u will get just few of them.

I’m not able to get those items. They require a specific floor/difficulty I’m not able to farm on.

Plus to get my luck maxed I’d have to totaly change my curent build.

ya u need to make separate build for farming which consist luck affix gf and drop rate%

eternal mh crystaline hat drop starts at floor 350 and nadjori drop at floor 200

Why am I having such a hard time farming floor 350-351 EP8

I will help you out, don’t do EP8(M3), do very easy mode and farm there, until you get a crystalline weap/hat, eternalized weap/hat. I got all my obsidians, elixir, Mythical hats(i literally got 3 mythicals in one map), insolences, crystal legends, eternals, nadrojis just skipping right to the cartographer from floor 200 to floor 400 on very easy mode(I used a battle mage item, and used charge to charge my way to the end of the map. Or do M3 floor 200 and farm there, but best thing to do is to go very easy mode till you climb to around 400/500 floor.
Right now my farming build cannot really handle M3 mode at 300+, but I am on floor 270ish M3 with my 80% finished farming build, and started again at floor 200 but this time at M3 mode, and I am having bits of trouble, but it is viable, and this time around i use hunter ring for the shrines to farm the feats.

But what’s really important for you to understand is that you are not suppose to be able to farm M3 on those floors anyways with your build, best is to either do Epic Mode/M1 with less HP, or do very easy and climb/skip to Cartographer. (If you think about it, you are really farming, farming the cartographer chest). Farming the cartographer chest is more profitable than farming the map itself, especially on Very Easy Mode. The cartographer chest drops are dependent on the Luck %,GF%, Item drop % on top of the map description, above the map affixes. It is easy and it is fast.

So basically what I am trying to say is that don’t do EP8(M3) because it is too hard, you should do lower , either epic/mythic 1/very easy mode, is a much better alternative, yes you won’t have max item drop/gold find%/luck, but your main goal here is to hopefully get that crystalline hat/weap, eternalized weap/hat from that chest, in order to actually start your farming build. But check Codex to make sure the the items that you want do not require any specific modes+ before doing very easy mode.
After you reach a certain floor on very easy mode, you can then buy a floor level 200 map in EP8(M3), and convert it, which will increase the floor levels randomly, till you reach your desired floor level, say floor level 400 map, OR save your EP8 floor 350 map, and convert that to your desired floor level, after that you have attained that floor level, say floor level 500, after you have climbed to/reached it.

Also one last tip, start thinking of maybe getting some of the 100% ED legendaries and build a farming build around that.

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Wow so much info. Ok I get what your saying but the crystalline weap/hat, eternalized weap/hat. Require EP 8 floor 350+. So I can’t farm for them on very easy. Am I missing a bug that allows it? Also what do you mean 100% element ? Thanks for your help I hope you can keep helping :slight_smile: ps even on EP 1 I get my butt kicked around floor 357.

You’re probably going to need some form of cc(stuns,freezes,etc) or surivability(perma stealth) or pretty much high high high high damage. My current builds, or spells, even Aftermath meteors can barely survive, i have higher survivability using twisters, because of their cc, which was how i got my eternalized/crystalline weap/hat.

The 100% element damage(ed) is the red legendary affix, which can only be obtained through dropped items, such as Mutiny, Insolence, Aether Cover, Aether wrap, Crystalline weapon, Cognition, Entropic Jewel, Apex of Epiphany, Loop of Epiphany, etc. They cannot be obtained via crystals. You can read more about Affixes that cannot be obtained via crystals in Crystal Crafting Restrictions

But yeah, think about maybe incorporating something that has cc, or perma stealth, or high damage and go from there.

I see this mentioned a lot on the forums. Can you explain it to me? Is it an exploit or something I need to cheat to get? Also I have twister on a crystal obsidian dagger (it has 100+ luck on it.) I can spam with my discorde ring. Does that count as a cc?

If it is mentioned alot on the forums, and people are using it, it would not be an exploit/bug or cheat heh. You would need level 40 stealth for the heroic skill (20 stealth + another 20 stealth from items(10+10), and then use cd reduction to decrease the cooldown of the stealth skill. After that, you would get close to permanent stealth, because of the cooldown being close to the duration of the stealth.

For the twister, hey if it does damage, and also kills the mobs fast, then go to it! The cc is mainly for making so you actually survive. But you would still need damage in order to kill. But the thing is that you won’t have twister in the heroic skill, so you might not do that much damage, but should be decent enough if you have 100% eds. Your main goal is to find something that can output damage and also help you survive.

Ok hmm so how much cd reduction do I need? And is it an epic skill I can reroll?

Most likely max it out til cap, and there are epic affix and crystal affix. Epic Affix for cd reduction max is 15%, while crystal affix max is 45%. Cap is at 60%, but really you will know if it perma or not, i believe the cd will be at 5 seconds and duration is 4? i dont know. Permastealth is used for the high floors where mobs 1 shot you, so it’s more of a long term investment but it’s still pretty expensive to get. Worth it if you put the affixes in the right items of course.

I just managed to get it

OMG please tell me this awesome trick isn’t going to me nerfed or changed. It’s keeping me safe. I’m working my way to floor 500 now :). On a side note what would be some good skills to have proc now that I’m near untouchable ?

It’ll get nerfed just for you. :sunglasses:

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On your MH weapon, remove that 2Extra attack chance and replace it with +5000 Shock Dmg.(Epic Affix) and the OH weapon, replace the +5000 Weapon Dmg. with +5000 Shock Dmg. [This dmg will county on your primary attacks] and the rest of your items. Reroll the 4k Shock Dmg on the others and reroll ith with Fluorite til u get the 5k Shock Dmg. thats all. i hope this helps :slight_smile:

And also try to create mythics on your own. This will also help you alot.