Socketed mythstone deterioates chances? Or nullifies?

Maybe i just had the troll of rng smash me silly, but… i just used over 60 rubies and NOT ONCE got exp gain affix. All my gear already had quest mythstone in it. 6 gear - 6 mythstone.

So on a hunch, I removed all quest stones, and looky loo… in 5 rolls got 2* exp gain?

Is there a bug. Is this intended… or did I really just getting trolled friggin haaarrrddd

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Depending on the item and the affixes it may be possible that the exp buff was not in the affix pool. removing the stones could have increased the available affix pool.

I don’t recall specifically testing that on my end, so I don’t have a clear “yes/no”.

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Im not sure I understand why they wouldn’t have been. But ok.

From now on I will never roll for an affix if it’s in a socket via mythstone. Lesson learned. Lol :slight_smile:

Some affixes are not available on all items. The fact that it appeared after you removed the stones is the part that seems out of place.

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Yes, i concur much with that its “…strange” :slight_smile:

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Just like with other affixes. for example you have 75%luck(epic affix) therefore you cant find the 225%luck on the obsidian on the same gear… thats what i observe hear and not that sure😂

It’s true. But makea sense as far as double dipping… but Astonishing. it threw me off because who woulda thought a SOCKETED affix?.. but definitely true.

Well lesson learned :slight_smile:

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I think this question came up before. using your question as an example @Homicide, if you have a Quest stone on your gear, and then try to put a legend experience affix on the same gear, wont work. but if you put the legend affix on first, then the Quest myth stone, no problem. I think this happens because the affix read the myth stone as an affix, and you cant have 2 of the same affix on the same gear. but the myth stone ignores the affix, so is ok with sharing the gear they are on. but then, you cant have 2 of the same myth stones on the same gear either. hope this helps.

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