Solution to the Cheaters

Im new to to this forum.I once a cheater in DQ but that was a year ago.I have a suggestion to end all those cheater out there.This is only for android users.Try adding to DQ that they can detect rooted modification.Just like other games like zenonia 4 etc. , this feature is very effective.I know some modification app they used to cheat on DQ.These are , GameHacker , GameGaurdgian and GameCIH.Thats all i know.I hope i can help.:slight_smile:

Not every rooted device means someone is cheating.

i know , but some choose to cheat and some dont.well the reason i post this topic is to prevent cheaters :slight_smile:

Do you want players that like to have full of their devices be unable to play their game before they are MAYBE cheating? What about if I say I don’t want players that cheated before to be able to play the game no matter if they are cheating or not? What I’m trying to say this is a wrong way to fight the cheaters.

Much simpler would be for server to check the items for impossible affixes when the character items are uploaded for PvP fight. For example barbarian affix on eternal item when the eternal item doesn’t come with barbarian affix. Or regeneration legendary affix on anything other than amulet and ring.

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Yup good suggestion. I root yet I don’t intend to cheat and I don’t even know how to cheat with root anyways. Having the server check for impossible affixes is a nice idea for sure because then, they are automatically reported and likely banned. Not sure what flaws there could be in the system because it seems like such a perfect idea.

People with multiple crystal affix on one item, impossible legends and impossible eternals and pets get banned because it is correct in showing the impossible.

I agree. Back when I played Diablo 2 LOD, they would do monthly purges of accounts that were reported as cheating.

Seems like it should be fairly easy to leverage the current database info on gear and affix and use that to create if statements that flag user accounts.bGreat suggestion!

The hacks will evolve though so only a temporary solution.

Another idea for longevity would be adding some more features for PVP to help with this.

  1. Allowing you to select who you battle. This way you could use the flagged user data to filter out anyone who has hacked. This way it doesn’t rely solely on complex algorithms for pairing up people; it relies on human filtering (much like searching for a product on Amazon.)

  2. Have an “epic hacker” PVP section for all those who make hacked builds. support the hackers and give them their own playground.

The biggest hacks are yet to come. Here’s what I see coming eventually: robot programs so people can farm automatically, and craft automatically, also using server lag and other server delays to make the other player out of sync so they can’t attack.

There already is one. It is called the banned league. Shinybox does not prevent people from playing their game. The those people can face against each other in that league.

The problem with the auto item detect solution are the legacy items that came with RANDOM, yes RANDOM, affixes. >.< DQ was designed to be solely offine. A lot of the security issues you see stem from this fact.

Why can you upload an AI for PVP? So that even if you don’t have good internet or don’t want to use data, you can still get the PVP items. The people wanted some form of multiplayer and the Devs were happy to oblige! They like making their players happy.

I hope you guys understand that it is impossible to switch the direction of the game after working years on it without restarting from scratch. Thank you very much for your sugguestions.


Banned League.Most of my facebook friends are in the
banned league before the new update comes.

How sad for them :smiley: