Solved - "Hidden" Critical Damage


What I like about poison cloud is that it leaves remnant damage, allowing your character to fly through the level without stopping then just turn around and collect the loot. With Frozen it’s nice cause you explode lots of enemies but I think time wise it still takes a bit longer than poison to clear the floor cause you’re weaving in and out between enemies whereas poison you just hit them and they die even as you’re walking away

But as for the aforementioned 3 methods, I think it’s not a good thing that the game is so variable and you can build your gear so many different ways but then when it comes down to high floors you’re only left with 3 options for getting through them…


Same here lmao. Even though I was personally taught by cronos a lot , I still feel like I’m learning a lot of new things despite having the ability to think of crazy build ideas and unique ones. Well I had to learn a lot for PvP because I got back into it but I still feel like there’s a lot more to learn in this game.

Even though there are 2 or 3 ways to clear high floor using plagued, frozen with Arcanist+Ascendant, you can still create a variety of builds that are unique despite such a limitation.

Despite that, I tried to achieve the fire shock thing because in theory, the bleed and fire could constantly multiply with high voltage but what I was missing is that to easily solve that problem, I could have used explosive affix, albeit 5% proc chance which if always triggering can spike up the dmg so much especially due to crits, high voltage and deadly strikes.

Of course this was before Arcanist existed . I could have had a build in full fire but still have the high voltage effect work due to the fact that high voltage works with any form of stun without always needing paralyze and since high voltage does buff each explosive if enemy stunned in a similar way how frozen explosion get buffed by frostbiting if enemy frozen and if each damage is spiked up like that, more bleed and fire. Inferno ticks very quick too to easily make it a brutal combo . High voltage on hirling doesn’t effect main character though otherwise every build would be op af then. Still , stack debuff ftw. I could see a fire shock recreation by Arcanist+ Ascendant but it would be redundant anyways.

Due to how explosive affix gets more damage as more explosions, this was an extremely useful concept when green garden used to be broken af in its inception as each explosion can deal more damage due to spike ups and this makes poison cloud deal 1Bxxxxxxx.xxxx filling screens easily by 60% or 40% if poison cloud wasn’t already broken at the time . Even if druidic is nerfed, Arcanist+Ascendant far surpasses druidic in damage buff anyways. Green garden if used with stun from talents and high voltage would have probably broken the limits of broken way back then if it had been discovered as well. Stack debuff obviously helped a lot.

Of course there is ice shock where main uses ice and hirling is stack debuff which is extremely powerful as well and another varient where you have frostbiting and high voltage where you stun with talents and get great damage even if it’s not recommended.

I’m not sure but I used to think Ascendant can switch blight into high voltage or frostbiting which would have been op with Arcanist and the respective frozen or plagued but after testing , this is of course nowhere near the case but Arcanist still allows insane dmg due to the Arcanist effect. Stack debuff from Ascendant kinda helps though even if not by much but I doubt stack debuff can stack with Arcanist debuff.


How do you feel about the current PvP meta? I feel like it’s evolved exponentially even since this time last year in terms of skill level and, consequently, difficulty. At least within Eternal league. Maybe that’s somewhat due to the training dummy which gives the average player many more analytical capabilities. I just think about grif’s punch me til you die build and wonder if it would fair nearly as well in the league as it did before, I think he was top 10 div 1 with it without even playing the character. But do you feel there’s still room for build improvement within the meta or have the top players in the league pretty much got it down to a science now and it’s more about playing tons of matches than anything else since builds are becoming more and more homogenous?


I feel that the current PvP meta is using the enigma and using chakram to put crazy proc usage at least for the AI. A lot of warriors and skull shield high hp wizard as well. it was ok until I found that a lot of the GOB members seemed fishy and have similar eternal Terrashaper pet to alarm my cheater senses. There’s so much emphasis on high HP and maybe a lot of procs to win?

For online play, well that sounds like a very different story but stunning is a theme here when stun resist arrived.

But when I developed a high DPS build like my Will of the Force Disc Orb chakram build, it put most opponents down. I did wish for a few more high DPS players after all . Recently, I liked how I met fookies high Dmg build and Midlumers interesting AI as well as facing Mr Scooty AI. I’m curious as to how @f00kee has such high Dmg .

I think the meta is okish but it’s bound to change very soon if other patches arrive.


ill send you my build thru PM. cant share it here, too many cheaters lurking


Fair enough. I’d do the same normally anyways but I already shared because I just felt like sharing to the public. :smile: