Some funny stuff that I'm mad about!

I just started playing about 2 weeks ago. Didn’t know much other than “get gear and farm stuff.”

Day 1. Get Crystal axe. Deleted it because my normal legendary seemed better. Still haven’t found another Crystal item…

About a week in. Find Crystal. Put it on some crappy horn. Still haven’t found another Crystal.

Yesterday. Found Nadroji helm. Super happy. Oh wait… I play a warrior and it’s for a rogue.
Today. Found another Nadroji item. Oh wait… It’s for a rogue again…

Get map at 500+ Skyfall + 200% TNT. No gold. Die 2 times and then die at cartographer. 2 seconds later Cartographer dies and I can’t afford to revive to get the map.

Eff me right?!

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You can buy a map from shop and convert it to the highest floor you was on.

Use jasper to change item’s class.

I can do that?! I knew about the map thing. But not about jasper…

Yes, jasper. The one which looks like a red dinosaur egg.

My first nadroji was like that too, except that it was for warrior and I was playing a rogue.

Nadroji snowballs your game progress for sure.