Some general questions and about my Wizard/Rogue

Hello, welcome to my first post :yum:.

I’ve been reading around a while, especially these pages:

I understand that the first link was written for 1.8 I guess (?), therefore Plagued works differently now, and Mythics were not around… Is there a post like that for 2.0? I can’t quite get my head around the game mechanics, there are too many different things that influence each other. I think it’s best I’ll just shoot my questions right out, they are not very coherent I’m afraid:

  1. Does anyone use BloodMagic any more? It’s available as Set and as Mythic, but more set levels don’t change anything, correct? Why don’t I see it on the different builds posted?
  2. How does Energy work :neutral_face:?
  3. Is everybody using poison? Don’t see any other elements around.
  4. I thought WhirlingBlades and Trickster/MirrorImage is a good idea, so I have 3-4 MirrorImages all Whirling Blades… Is it that a valid build, or am I missing something? Again, I see nobody using the Trickster Set anywhere…
  5. If I put Legend+ pickup, Crystals will be picked up automatically right^^? I just found two so far, but with Rare+ active I think.
  6. I don’t have any idea how Elemental Critical/Critical/Frostbiting/%Ice Dmg%/Elemental Weaken/Weaken/Extra Attacks/Multi Attacks/Attack Speed work all together. Is there a page for that? Is my weapon with the frost sign dealing all of its damage in Ice Damage, or just that from Frostbiting etc… I’m completely lost here.
  7. Does CD gear make sense in a Twister/Teleport build? I would think so, but theory craftingly speaking I’ll loose one/two slots for it. Not that I’m in a position I could actually build my dream gear, but would be nice to know :stuck_out_tongue:.
  8. Eternals have all max. Affix stats x2 compared to Legends?
  9. How does the 100% Glasscannon not kill the build (from the second link)? Shouldn’t the char be at 1 HP? I am missing something here…
  10. What makes more sense, HP on Hit, HP Regen or 1% HP on Hit?

I have gazillion other questions, would be very grateful for any help from you guys :slight_smile: I’m loving the game, but a terrible newbie :octopus:. And it’s kinda hard to find the answers by myself, I’ve tried a lot already.

Cheers :relaxed:, Mid

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I know y’all are gods at this game, figured you could help him out.

  1. no one uses the blood magic set because everyone uses + Set affixes and as u said more set levels on bloodmagic is useless. so if you really want bloodmagic, use the mythic so u can use a different set. as for the mythic, it is risk vs reward really. to get the most out of bloodmagic, you need to maintain your hp at a lower level to get the damage bonus. so in order to survive, you need a mechanic to gain the HP you lose when you cast a skill. you will also have to take into account the hp you lose when you take damage from enemies. in practice, this balance you need between HP gain and loss is very difficult to maintain. if you have more hp gain than you need, you will not get the damage bonus. if you take more damage than you can gain hp, you obviously will die. i think this is the reason the masochist set was created in 2.1. but since 2.1 is fairly new, we will have to wait for people to experiment with the set.
  2. resource mythics are more easily understood if you experiment with them.
  3. i think this is because poison cloud from poison elem crits are just really good when used with the plagued set. nothing beats poison cloud builds in clearing pack size maps.
  4. just because no one is using it doesn’t mean it is bad. i think that build is great. it’s just that it isn’t really suited for pack size maps which a lot of players try to go for nowadays.
  5. yes.
  6. yes the snowflake sign on your weapon means all your attacks with that weapon will deal ice damage. so it is a good idea to use calcite on your gear to make all the elem related affixes work together. crit and elem crit are different mechanics. when you attack it will have a chance to crit or not, dealing bonus crit damage if it does. it will also have a chance to elem crit, be it a normal attack or a crit attack. elem crits have different effects depending on the element.
  7. if you will be reliant on twister for damage, CD reduction will be great. generally speaking, if your skills have long CD, go for CD reduction.
  8. yes. except for crystal affixes
  9. it will kill the build if it doesn’t have any other survival mechanism like dodge, blind etc. he has vanish, sanctuary and probably another survival mechanism on the special skill on his OH. In my opinion, that’s not enough especially on high floors and packsize maps. Maybe he just relies on manual control to avoid getting hit altogether. Or he uses the build as hireling. reviving your hireling is relatively very cheap.
  10. that will depend on a lot of factors. if your build has a very high hp, 1%hp on hit will be better than flat hp on hit. hp regen is good but it gets killed by some affixes, vampiric for example. if you have a mana shield build, all those affixes will not be that useful.

Beat me to it i guess, but for the recourse mythics, yes your better testing them yourself but they each do something different to your mana pool:

Bloodmagic- doubles cast cost and merges HP and MP
Energy- splits MP into percentages, you start at 0% upon opening a map and recover 30% per second, basic attack from MH and OH cost 10% MP while special cost 30% MP (per cast)
Fury- similar to energy, basic attacks increase mana by 10%, special costs 50% and you loose 5% per second.
Alchemy- best finding an entire thread for this one, quite a pain to understand fully.
Equivalence- averages MP and HP while halving damage taken however with low MP it halves HP and halves damage so basically the same as without, for tank builds not too useful because theres little need for MP
Discordance- swaps pretty much everything of you MH’s special and basic attack (OH unaffected)

Each recourse mythioc has it benefits and drawbacks, each useful given the circumstances should you know how to use them to your own advantage. All but discordance increases damage in some form

This might be of use for some questions? Otherwise most of us are happy to lend a contribution but testing and experiencing the knowledge for yourself is much more beneficial

hahaha. i was actually waiting for someone else to answer. forum time takes away a lot of play time lol.

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Thank you for your long responses :blush: you’ve been most helpful! Also I’ll try to post the smaller questions in that question thread the next time, I wasn’t aware that there was such a thing ;).
I know I’ll need to test a lot, but since my resources are still small (only managed to pass floor 250 so far), I thought I’d put at least a bit of thinking in where to spend my little runes/crystals I got up to now.

Thanks for including me in the “god” tier players but I think there are others more deserving of it. Many unsung heroes have put in vast more dedication to the game and forums than I have so no more of that kinda talk in the same sentence as my name lmao!
Back on topic, a lot of good info was said in the comments so far.
Just a few things I can add really fast:

  1. Blood magic is a great skill overall. It take the right builds to make it stand out. Defiant and vampiric touch work great with it. Defiant gets more damage as you lose hp and vt gives bleed damage and max hp % boosts. It also heals you when you do bleed damage by 1% max hp. You’ll see this set used a lot in arena. I started playing around with it in pve when I first started and used it on my warrior. I over compensated for the 2x skill cost by giving him a ton of hp so I wasn’t too worried about dying even at 50% hp. However, once you get more experience with the skill you can start capitalizing on the fact it is based on % hp missing instead of flat amount. Then you can start using lower hp builds, depending on what is comfortable for your play style, and focus more on damage output or survivability via other means instead of just hp.

  2. Comments already said enough on this.

  3. Posion will always be the most efficient pve way to go. Plagued and pack size on maps is enough for you to clear up to 600’s easily; as long as you’re clearing the map fast/ using skills that effect a lot of monsters at once. One uncommon build I had played around with was using any of the movement based skills (charge, teleport, vault, etc) with increased aoe range. I had the aoe, especially on wizards, increased so much that I was hitting the whole map every skill so I just rushed the carto and insta killed it since it and 100 other monsters were all poisoned and plague stacked. Cheese mode!

  4. Builds are based solely on the player. I have played many of the popular ones and even though they were very powerful I didn’t like the play style. If that is the type of build you like then build it and see what you can get it to do. Like #3, any build with plagued and poison will be effective in pve.

  5. Crystals and mythstones are always picked up despite the item rarity you choose. However, I wouldn’t advise setting it so high. Once you get the dealer perk, all of those low rank items will turn into a goldmine.

  6. I currently can’t link the dps calculation post but you should check it out. It will explain majority of the stats and give solid math to back it up. Just know elemental critical%/ toxic/ immolate/ etc only influences the rate at which your elemental critical skill procs and the damage of the procs is based off of you blight/ blister/ etc stat. For example, if you’re using plagued you will want a decent toxic% to spawn the poison pools while you want as much blight % as you can get since that is the damage boosting stat. Bright also takes into account you poison damage% and +poison damage.
    side note I need clarified- elemental critical cap is 40% based off of stats page but even if I pass it the toxic% (for example) on my attack page still goes up… why is this?

  7. Already covered.

  8. They don’t always have maxed stats… even finding them at ilevel 100 is a roll just like any other item. They will always be 50 in quality which is why they are doubled compared to normal legends. The only time you will 100% get the max roll is when you find one with 4 sockets open, put a mythic on it, and use the epic giving crystal on the newly created slots. Those will always roll as max.
    side note for this one- if you get an eternal chest from arena always go to floors 500+ before opening it. That is the point where you’ll always get ilevel 100 items.

  9. Honestly… no clue. I can only assume it is a multiplicative stat, not additive, so when you have 2 pieces of 50% you’re not actually at 100% it is at 75%. But I don’t really know.

  10. Covered pretty well. Although, with vampiric I thought hp regeneration was the only thing effected by it. Hp on hit and 1% on hit both work well with vampiric depending on the outside factors regarding your build: max hp, skill cost, blah blah.

Hope it helps.

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Just telling, I’m not part of the god tier yet lol just not yet (still far, I mean very very far from it). I still have a lot thing to learn and understand. Anyway thanks for think I’m part of it.

In patch 2.0 everybody used poison due to the release of builds like Greengarden and the one with the poison bow (lol cant remember). In 2.1 however, we saw ice coming its way back to the meta from the builds. Probably because chakram is the best weapon for rogue now since bow is nerfed. And the combo with chakram is with the ice since it deals very good spikes

Poison - It just kills everything that’s why it’s so good (PvE Outbursts)
Ice - Best control element (PvE Control)
Fire - High single target (PvP Damage)
Shock - Haven’t seen any except the very old buccaneer build and the new T-shock something

Ruuuude. “God” tier doesn’t exist, man.
I’d add to this, but they all covered it.


Nah I’m not god at this game. Not even close :stuck_out_tongue:

I still have a lot to learn. A looot. Now to answer your questions

  1. People still use bloodmagic if the build is right but they would rather use mythic and have that set affix replaced with a better set affix.

  2. Energy replaces mp and when the energy bar is full, your damage is increased by 100% which means double dmg. For eg, you deal 1M dmg, with energy bar at full, 1+1=2M dmg. Very powerful mythic and flexible in many build.

  3. At the moment, most people are using poison with the plagued set especially since packsize maps are extremly abundant and the resources there are very abundant. You will see how to get packsize with larimar for 2.1 in forums.

  4. Not sure.

  5. Anything gets picked up immediately with pickup raidius as long as the item is in the radius. The higher the pickup raidius, the more items you can pick up at once and from a distance.

  6. Elemental crit is a critical from elements and different mechanic from criticals. They are very powerful end game. The elemental crits are freeze, orbit, immolate, toxic and paralyse. Critical is just critical dmg and you can make elemental crits do criticial dmg. Frostbiting is elemncrit from ruby when you apply it and it is an upgraded version of freeze. Ice dmg % is something that increases global dmg like 5k ed+ and it is very powerful in end game. Elemental weaken and weaken is the same thing. It has chance to reduce resist by %. Extra attacks, don’t really know but chance to produce an extra attack. Multi attack, deal an additional 50% dmg and on some weapons, it shows an animation of multiple shots/bolts. Attack speed increases attack speed of weapon which can be ok. How they could work together. Fire a comet, it shows multiple comets, weaken the enemys resist, elemental crit happens and frostbiting also happens and ice dmg% (ed%) applys to dmg afterwards. Could be great but ignore resist is generally better than weaken. As far as the weapon, the ice symbol is the weapons ice element. You can change the elements using calcite and it is best to make a build relating to one element for the best dmg. You can however have an ascendant build where you make your whole build ice dmg for eg but the other elements do same dmg as ice but sometimes more because of the elemental crits, like poison for eg with plagued.

  7. Yea cooldown reduction is a good idea for a twister build although twisters have a fast cooldown anyway. Multiple twisters is always good.

  8. Eternals don’t always have a perfect roll but their affixes are double the value of affixes found on normal gears.

  9. Dunno really. I have no clue but if your sacrificing hp, 1 hp is no different to 1k hp because you will always get 1 shotted at very high floors such as floor 1k. Generally you should focus on dodge which goes good with pathfinder set, block if your a warrior which goes great with dodge, stealth if you need to, sanctuary and just being fast enough to avoid being hit while dealing huge dmg. It is better to deal quintillion dmg than be tanky and deal very low dmg or not the best dmg.

  10. Depends really, 1% hp on hit is very good, hp on hit, meh depends on build and hp regen, don’t rely on it to recover hp but it is good with druidic and helpful at hp recovery anyways. As i said, in high floor, hp isn’t really needed but high dps like 100B, trillion, quadrillion, quintillion,sextillion,septillion and so on is very needed. There is no limit on how high you do dmg as long as you stay alive for a good amount of time and fast enough to defeat map and destroy enemies. With vampiric touch, its meh, you need high bleed chances for it tp really regen your hp.

Thank you all again :slight_smile: just to let you know that you were really helping: I’m cruising with ease above map 1.1k now!!

Got some more questions posted in the question’s thread:

Happy Easter everybody :blush: !