Some great ideeas about DQ2

Well,in the first think to add Rifts and Greater Rifts.And make monthly or weekly bundles about this . like for who want great items (in GR) he need to pay 15$-20$ or at your choice.I m just sayin…for haters who come here to say “fuck you r p2w game” i l say ,this “company” it s independent,think have under 10 ppls to workbut they make great things,and yeah…the game probably hit 8-9 mil downloads and the devs continue to keep game at very low donations.If someone need to see a p2w game try to compare money from l2revolution at 5 mil downloads and our dq quest at 7 8 mil downloads. ,that s mean a p2w game.So keep to the best shiny,you make great games,try to add more pvp features in future and some bundles

I have found that with mobile such as this that when the Devs become greedy for money and start implementing p2w options…the game gets deprived and the devs eventually give up…I think its great they are keeping it simple like this…dont mess with a good thing.


not only on DQ2. i would suggest this. what about a Banner or a Warning message on PVP. for cheaters. "if you’re using modified gears on PVP. 100% players will not enter in the League (Legit). what do you think guys?

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