Some help with a "cheap" farming build

I am atm lvl 83 with my wizard omw through the magic ascension, loving the game and everything it offers. But I really would like someone to help me out with a build before I spend all my mythstones and crystals and realize afterwards what I did was stupid :stuck_out_tongue:
I am however not looking for a build that will cost me 10 obsidians etc. I can’t run much higher than legend around map 100 right now “I haven’t really done any changes in my gear yet”, I am experienced in games like DQ, I have been reading a lot on the forums, and found a lot about the aftermath build, that build doesn’t really interest me though. If possible I would like a build where I would use Orb. And remember I really don’t want anyone telling me to farm for 1000 hours to find eternal legend items and using thousands of crystals and mythstones. It is not such a build I am looking for. I just want to be able to run a bit higher maps on a higher difficulty. Thanks a lot!
Enjoying the game soooo much btw! Hate myself a bit for sitting with my phone playing instead of playing on the computer right next to me :smiley:
I am not looking for a rogue nor a warrior build. My hireling is only lvl 40 and I can’t really be bothered to lvl him up. Since it will take a lot of time to gear him up properly as well.
Thanks for helping out.

// Rymse

Just put alot of luck and gold find in your gear and item drop too. There is no cheap farming build. unless you are rouge with buccaneer + satyrs spirit + fauns gift combo.

Was afraid this was the only way. Meh.
Anyways, thanks for the help :smile:

Just taking the legends you get and putting ones together that have synergistic effects will go a long way toward climbing to floor 200-250. Focus on a single element and try to get something with Ignore Resist, you’ll fly to 200 easily.

Something like the “poor man’s green garden” where you put on everything you find with Druidic or Plagued, and change your elements to poison on anything that’s not already that.

Also, do bring your hireling. Having that extra damage helps, plus when you have a hireling the gear is (mostly) restricted to just the classes you’re running. And it auto-sorts gear so you get wizard gear in your inventory and your hireling gets his class gear in his inventory. And you get an extra 100% item drops!

The sweet spot for early farming is the 180-200 range. Once you get comfortable there, you can work on getting the luck/gold/item gear for your optimal farming set.

Thanks a lot! Great tips mate.

Any specific reason why 180-200 is the “sweet spot”?

I usually farm at 200-250. Some rare legends drop past 200.

180-200 isn’t exactly the “sweet-spot” with the new update. If you can wait a day, I plan on uploading my new guide. :smile:

Updating it with better, more suited for 2.1 tips, updated excel files, and, eventually, pictures.


Awesome! Looking forward to it!

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With plagued and pack size on maps you literally don’t need any damage affixes as long as you clear l/move quickly.
Battle mage is good for this…

You’d want to have two characters to play with: Some sort of farming tank where you dump all the farming needs, and the other with all the damage you can get and fast area skills.

Thanks for all the help, it really really helps everything u say! So just keep it coming :stuck_out_tongue:
I made my sword mythic today with the CosmicOrb and used my only and first Obsidian and got crit chance from it, also got multi attack, item drop and 5k weapon damage on it. Is this optimal? I am not quite sure about the multi attack. To be honest I haven’t really figured out the mechanics behind the multi attack yet? Anyone mind to explain?

It would be wise to use your Hireling as the one who does the damage and the one you use to be the farmer. Your wizard is 83 and your hireling is 40 so it would probably be best if you use the wizard as a hireling for damage since it can equip items up to lv100.

In my opinion, what you must prioritize is farming. It’s fine is you don’t max the level since what’s is important is that you can equip lv100 items. Also Ascension must not be rushed since you must level to 50 again to equip your items (and you don’t want to bother levelling your other character lol). Focus on building up your CS and MS stock. Play on the highest difficulty where you can easily finish monsters.

As they say, just focus on one element (e.g. Poison) because wizard uses elements so well. Two “+2 All sets” will help you so much in your way up.

Multi atk interacts differently with different weapons but +4 Multi atk certainly increases primary skill (only) damage by 200%.

Some skills get a flat damage bonus (Blast) while it makes other primary skills shoot more projectiles (Comet, Barrage, Pierce)

Does this also apply to EAC?

EAC has a 50% chance to activate, so kinda. That would be a 50% chance (with 4 EAC) to deal +400% DMG.

No. EAC triggers individually, not together at once. So 50% to EAC once, 25% to EAC twice, so on.

Thanks for correcting that. I have a habit of jumbling my stuff up and not taking note of it.