Some more crystals

I’d like:

  • A cristal that upgrades an affix, allowing it to go over its normal maximum
  • A cristal that would copy an affix and put it on another item
  • A cristal that gives a seventh affix
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  1. Obsidian creates Crystal Affixes that are triple the values of their Epic Affix versions. using Epiphany Set can raise the Cap for affixes so you can make a crazy powerful build.

  2. Myth Stones are the fastest way to do this.

  3. That would be nice, but Pets are the only way to add seven more affix slots to your Character. to be honest, I wonder if adding an extra affix slot on your six items would even be enough. I never have enough space for my Build ideas, so it takes a lot of thinking and compromise to make my ideas work.

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Yeah when making builds you can never achieve perfection. There are just not enough slots on items, trophies or pets. But that’s why it’s fun :sunglasses:

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