Some more questions

I know i should put this in the question thread, but with so many questions being asked there it’s gonna be hard for me to see and track answers to my questions. So here goes more noob q’s lol:

  1. Now i’m confused about blood magic again…the wiki now says dmg is increased by 80% missing hp. so does that mean a high hp build w/blood magic would be better to use now instead of a glasscannon w/bm?

  2. would equipping epiphany set ‘reroll’ my affixes to a higher value and will unequipping it result in the affixes being brought back? Example, i have 40% dodge on gear then i equip 5 epiphany, so would that mean dodge will be [40+(40*0.25)]=50% w/o having to reroll it with a crystal and then go back to being 40% when i unequip it?

  3. can someone clarify what a ‘powerful’ enemy is for both pve and pvp? are they only comprised of epic+ enemies or are magic and rare enemies considered ‘powerful’ as well?

  4. (kinda off-topic since this is not a gameplay mechanic)when will the nightblade vanities and the demonic wings be available for purchase through gold?

  5. is frostbiting and high voltage 0 when the enemy is frozen and stun immune even if i have 200% of them on gear? ok let me rephrase. Would frostbiting and high voltage be technically useless when the enemy is stun immune and frozen immune since you won’t be able to freeze and stun them and frostbiting does damage to ‘frozen’ enemies and high voltage does dmg to ‘paralyzed’ enemies?

  6. is there a flintlock with defiant set and legend wd%?

  7. can someone clarify the change to discordance? there are people saying it still switches damage and there are those who say only cd and manacost are switched.

  8. (another off-topic :grin: ) where can i find the background music used in dq? i love the 4th forest map bgm in campaign and the ‘victory’ theme after killing a boss :)blush:

  9. would the attk spd of comet be slowed when i use a dagger that has spell sword? i asked because the gameplays i see with spell sword daggers have the rogues doing this animation that seems to take longer than how the dagger attacks.

I think this is it for now…i’ll be having more questions for sure when i get back to playing(which might not be anytime soon, though)…Thanks in advance for the answers!

I can answer 1 of your questions, powerful enemy means, cartographer, shrine guardians, if your referring to finding rare legends I’ve found all mine from such monsters. Hope my answer helps! :slight_smile:

thanks @Liiisa but i was asking if only epic+ enemies are considered ‘powerful’. ok lemme edit

And I’m abit rusty ain’t farming any specific eq anymore, just farming eternals, legends and obsidian affix eq for converting :wink: but I could try watch out if rare and magic mobs drops rare legends, I do like 20-40 maps a day if not more :slight_smile:

thanks again! good luck on your hunt :slight_smile:

Thanks, my hunt is always interesting always set a goal to reach 100mIl gold a day, and also some took my 48th exp rank on leave board so I’m gonna take it back :slight_smile:

you can do it yuno! oh wait wrong person haha a nutshell. bloodmagic damage buff works like defiant. the less current HP you have, the more damage buff you get. Based on that, you can decide what build you want to mix with it.
2.No, equipping only increases the cap of stats. Your afiixes in your gears will not increase.
3.Epic enemies and above
4. = (
5 Correct. Furthermore, cartho, legend,mythic enemies have element crit immunities.
6 None, just 100% element damage
7 Just mana cost and cooldown.
8 = (
9 I havent seen this = (

Epiphany “functions” as the reroll.
Epic and above.
Most likely never.
Yes; Mutiny.
CD and Resource Cost.
It would use the attack speed of Comet, which is the speed of the staff.

EDIT: I had numbers here, but they would go wonky upon posting.

Mutiny has %ED, not %WD like he asked

Oh, damn. Misread. Nevermind.

Thank you so much everyone for the answers! Now i just need to craft a build in excel for my rogue. Well right now i want to try rogue when i get back