Some of the mobs don't go away/die after killing a huge group or using spawn boost [any solution?]

They keep following me after their death interfering with my blinkstrike prock’s, hirer, projectiles and etc. On top of that the caster mobs still attack you/cast spell on you with no way to be hitten so i can’t leech back up.

(Side question: the game dosnt let me swipe screenshot on my galaxy s6 anyother way to take screenshots?)

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Oh that issue’s been there for ages. Also I use S6 too! No you don’t take screenshot by sliding across screen unfortunately :sadparrot: . However I take screenshots using Game Launcher Tools and the best part is that the pictures don’t get affected by Night Filter apps such as Twilight since I often play DQ and screenshot at night and I want to protect my eyes at the same time.

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I currently hit 420th+ m3 floor (my highest) and when i used spawn boost and started to farm Enslavers it keeps happening a lot like 8 out of 10 floors will have glitched mobs and if its a caster i will keep getting wiped when i go to ress my 2n hero that keeps agroing them + i have to skip on pak size maps cause it happens 100% on their.

Any tips on dealing with it, I swapped to Low FX’s and no shadows, i didn’t had any fps problems in the beginning.

Is thir a way to change my map difficalty from M3 to like M2 or lower without me starting from 200th floor? That might help me farm Enslavers with the bug.

Update:I think taunt totem is the main offender in this bug but i have yet to test that

You could convert maps on any difficulty to the highest floor that you have reached

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Go to Fl 200 M2, buy a map from shop and Convert it to highest Fl available :smile:

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buy a better phone

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I have 0 performance problems no fps drops my phone doesn’t even heat up after hours of grind and thats with high fx ultra shadows after i swapped to low fx no shadows same stuf.

Didn’t know that, thanks!

Sometimes i just try to outrun the ghosts

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Ye but when i get back to ress the hier hero i just wipe like 5-6 times untill he stops agroing them. I have some OH trinks that help me do that easyer atm but still.

Its just that bugs like this are annoying because they popup after you invested some time in the game.

I was so hyped to finaly farm with spawn boost and atm i feel fucked with the % ,from m3 to legend just cause this bug.

And on top of that an “old bug”.

Completely forgot that you have hireling :sadparrot:

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I dont think taunt is the cause of this bug after all ive tried using multiple methods but still those ghost mobs are still there…

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Yeah taunt totem wasn’t the main offender, but still I did some maps without it and it felt a bit better, no way to tell forsure cause its a bug in the end of the day and i ran out of money for spawn boost’s to continue.

The obvious main offenders in my opinion are leashing, pulling, gathering, displacing a huge number of minions at once.

As a capped BlinkStrike proc rouge i can’t avoide not leashing alot of mobs and on top of that blinkstrike procs target the “ghost mobs” just for that extra BM.

Might swap from Blinkstrike soon cause of this sadly that involves me removing my 2 eternals.

Its all harmless until it’s a spell caster type mob, gladly it doesn’t happen with the rest.

I actually had a skeleton and ogre mob kill me from zombie form lol. Zombie bug almost unavoidable at high packsize.

It’s probably the Language and the game engine that the game was coded in. It would be a dream to be coded in C# or C++ . Right now it’s in a version of Lua I believe and they use the Shiva engine IIRC.

It’s probably also the hardware of mobile devices. Has anybody experience many zombies on S7 or S8 per day or any high powered flagship with high processing speed?

Also has anybody experience many zombies on Gaming PC using Bluestacks. Try alienware or any other very powerful gaming A PC with bluestacks and see if you can still get zombie mobs even with overkill PC or other emulators.

If zombie still happens , it’s probably a bug from something.

@f00kee , do you experience many DQ zombie on your PC? I definitely noticed far less zombies on better hardware phone S6 than my S3 mini but you can still get very many zombies of course, especially with the new graphical update with shadows and stuffs.

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Interesting, did the ogre toss rocks i didn’t get any glitched ogres ?

As for the skeletons they did nothing to me, but still they just stick to my warrior and glitch hem in one place until i ran away and he blinked to me doing no damage to him in the process.

Yes and yes. I got damaged by ogre and skeleton horde. Also spellcasting mobs such as summoners and Malum spawn worms. I had to restart map lmao.

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Anyone here who experienced a epic “cartographer” like zombie? And it attacks!!!

Dont use S6 … Use other phones…:joy::joy::joy:

I use phone with Mediatek before and I face that problem everyday I farm.

But when I use phone Snapdragon (Asus) the bug is gone…

Thanks to Asus… :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

P.S Im not promoting here.

I did use a snapdragon phone to but there’s still those “ghost” bugs. I think it’s the game that has the bug itself.

WHEN IT APPEARS I’m LIKE :explodyparrot:

Using ASUS here too, no zombies at all hahah