Some problems

Hello i just encountered few problems im quite sure are bugs.

Well, first one is tnt prop on cartographer maps it triggers on any kind of chests which includes normal and golden. Last one is pretty annoying because you sometimes forget and get insta gibbed like a clueless noob.
Second its specialy annoying if you have skyfall too and you die at golden chest and you killed cartographer (which stops skyfall) which resets it and triggers skyfall again (not sure if bug) and also i noticed it resets quest or whatever you want to call it find cartographer bonus golden chest.
The second one isnt really a problem if you do normally map and idk how other classes work since i only play wiz but i just buy map reveal rush cartographer to stop skyfall since it one shots me with my manashield, im not sure if this still happens since i got more mana but i got little move speed from dex its so much easier to avoid skyfall also.

Edit: Just wanted to add a thought that timewarp increases bolt dmg, so it increases every weapon primary ability except for gauntlet. And it sucks for gauntlet since it does not increase blast dmg so is this working as intended, just tooltip gone wrong or will it eventualy see a fix for blast?