Some questions about poison

I am now at floor 650 and it is quite easy to pass floor with my gears, i dont really build, just use what I have. The best gear I have is the Eternal Fabled Blade.
I have some questions to get better:

  1. How posion works ? (I realize the damage is from the cloud not the skill, and more mobs more damage)
  2. How piercing works ? (I tried guns but seems like it doesn’t deal damage as much as charkam, don’t know why?)
    I dont like charkam since it is slow, I really like guns but guns don’t deal damage. Is the game designed for rogue to use charkam ?

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Welcome back. Nice use of fabled weapon.

How Poison Works: when you hit a target with a Poison Weapon, they take DMG. they also take DMG from Poison DoT for 8 seconds, or until they die. Poison DoT is 10% of the DMG caused a second for 8 seconds, or 80% of DMG caused spread out over 8 seconds. in cases where there are multiple hits at the same time, the DoT uses the attack that caused the most DMG for the DoT. Poison DoT’s doesn’t stack, but Poison, Fire, & Bleed DoT do stack with each other, each using the attack that caused the most DMG for the DoT.

with Toxic and/or Elemental Crit, you have a chance to cause a Toxic Cloud that does 400% poison DoT a second for 5 seconds. this means the Toxic Cloud does 200% of the attacks DMG on top of the Poison DoT 80% DMG. Toxic has a small AoE, so a packed mob can get caught in multiple Toxic Clouds.

Blight is the Elemental Crit DMG for Poison. it increases the DMG of Toxic by +100%. you can put one on each item for +600% Blight. that would give your Toxic Cloud 2800% DMG! this can be rolled with Ruby.

Druidic is a Set that increases the DMG of Poison DoT based on how much HP & MP Regen you have.

since you have Plagued (5), if you hit a group of 4 enemies, their Poison DoT would be 60% of the attacks DMG a second for 8 seconds or 480% of the attacks DMG spread out over 8 seconds. if just one got Toxic with 6 Blight, you do 4200% DMG a second for 5 seconds, or 21,000% total DMG for the Toxic Cloud to the group of 4 enemies.

How Piercing Works: putting Skill Points into Boomerang or Whirling Blades gives them extra DMG when Piercing enemies. each consecutive enemy hit by that weapon takes more DMG than the enemy hit previously on the same attack. perfect when attacking mobs!

Flintlock is a low DMG high rate of fire weapon. Chakram is a high DMG low rate of fire weapon. they would require different Builds to work effectively with whichever Element you use.

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So the damage can be calculated:

  1. Physical Damage = MH Damage
  2. Poison DoT= MH Damage x 10% x 8 secs
  3. Toxic = Blight x MH Damage x 10% x 400% x 5 secs

Total damage = Physical Damage + Poison DoT + Toxic = MH Damage + MH Damage x 10% x 8 secs + Blight x MH Damage x 10% x 400% x 5 secs
=>Total damage = MH Damage(1+ 10%x8 + Blight x40%x5)
=> Total damage= MH Damage (1.8 + 2Blight)
For multiple mobs:
=> Total damage = MH damage (1.8 + 2Blight x Mobs)

i change ragnarok defiant to periphery in chakram but not a single effect from periphery came out every time i use it why dose it happen ?

@olkyora Periphery is a % per Rank to have an extra Chakram spin around on the return of a Chakram. it isn’t automatic every time you use a Chakram. 7.5% per Rank I think?

@Sadlyken lets say your MH did 1000 DMG.

Poison DMG: 1000 x 0.1 = 100. 100 x 8 (Poison DoT Duration in Seconds) = 800 Poison DoT DMG. this is 80% of the attacks DMG done over 8 seconds.

Toxic Cloud: 1000 x 0.1 = 100. 100 x 4 (Toxic) = 400. 400 x 5 (Toxic Duration in Seconds) = 2000 DMG. this is 400% Toxic DoT DMG for the duration of Toxic Cloud.

Blight: 1000 x 0.1 = 100. 100 x 8 (Toxic + One 100% Blight) = 800. 800 x 5 (Toxic Duration in Seconds) = 4000 DMG. this is 100% Blight DMG for the Duration of Toxic.

for the next one, we are going to pretend you hit a group of 4 monsters close to each other with an AoE Poison attack with a Plagued Set (5).

Plagued Set: 1000 x 0.1 = 100. 100 x 6 (+125% From Plagued Set and Four Enemies with Poison DoT) = 600. 600 x 8 (8 Seconds Poison DoT Duration) = 4800 Poison DoT DMG.

Plagued Set + Toxic + Blight: 1000 x 0.1 = 100. 100 x 6 (+125% From Plagued Set and Four Enemies) = 600. 600 x 8 (Toxic and One +100% Blight) = 4800. 4800 x 5 (Toxic Duration in Seconds) = 24,000 Toxic & Blight DMG.

DMG hitting the group of 4 enemies with one Poison Dot and getting one Toxic Crit over a 9 second period.

First Second: 1000 DMG from weapon, which also applies the Poison DoT.

Second to Ninth Second: 4800 DMG from Plagued & Poison DoT on 4 enemies for 8 seconds. 24,000 DMG from Plagued, Toxic, & Blight for 5 seconds of Toxic Cloud.

Total DMG: 1000 + 4800 + 24,000 = 29,800 DMG for each of the four enemies in the Toxic Cloud if they survive that long.

now, if you had one more Blight, and 2 of those enemies caused a Toxic Cloud instead of just one, the DMG to that group of four enemies would be almost quadrupled!

this imaginary weapon that does 1000 DMG is just for the purpose of looking at Poison DMG. Item Quality, Power Stat, WD, ED, Skill and Skill Points, some Talents, Sets & other Affixes, and the Weapon you choose to use, will all have an effect that increases DMG & DPS.

Blight doesn’t affect the Weapon DMG, it affects the DMG done by Toxic Cloud.
Plagued & Druidic affect the Poison DoT before Toxic is figured.