Some Random Idea

So while playing the game, and enslaver drop some random legend pet, it have mostly talent or skill. Which is make it only viable to use on specific hero/class if the player want take advantage of free 5 epic affix on Pet.

My suggestion is make Jasper stone viable to use on pet, obviously it will only change affix related to talent and skill to another chosen class.

I think, I’m not alone to think that talent or skill affix on pets more like spoiler.

@SteigerBox can u make this happen.? :slight_smile:


Jasper and perhaps some re-rolling crytals please… epic rerollers would be oh so nice!

If epic can reroll, why need the Jasper.? Lol make epic affix viable to reroll is kind of no restrictions. I suggest Jasper because I want to keep Restriction on pet, only that way ppl can change the talent and skill affix on pet to the class they use.


this is good thing but it will also increase some cheat?

Not really, I doubt cheater will think this is useful. It only effect talent & skill affix on pet. For example if legend pet is lilith have affix like vampiric touch, +5 comet +5 meteor +10000Hp +250 all resist +10% weaken. That pet considered as wizard pet. When use Jasper, as usual player can choose to change it into warrior or rogue pet. Lets say the player apply Jasper crystal on that pet and choose rogue. The pet will still the same, the only change is comet = boomerang & meteor = whirlingblade.

As I said above, cheater will probably think this is not good idea or even come in their mind because they can simply change the affix to whatever they want, and mostly if u see in arena, all previous cheater before got banned from legit league have pet with something like +Hp +ED +%crit damage +%bleed damage etc etc. All cheater pet affix is perfect and mostly useable for any build.

This idea main focus is to help us, the legit player who desperately need more slot to use or at least make all affix on pet useable or valid.


I wouldn’t mind some smarts to the pet generator, too. I have a Lilith with HP regen, which is a completely wasted slot since its Vampiric Touch zeros out HP regen. And since you can’t use crystals, I can’t change that to something more useful.

It could also make it so class skills simply don’t show up on pets so they’re more universal.

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sorry I miss read I tho the set affix will be the one to reroll
well this is a very good idea to help legit players so we can match up and defend our self from some cheaters +1 to this

Great idea. It would make so much sense for this to happen. Finally would make use of pets that have the set affix you want but the +5 meteor is wizard. As you said it can be good because +5 meteor can be turned into +5 whirling blades or +5 throwsword.

This is with any +5 skill/talent/hero pts.