Some suggestions

First would be great to take out a patch in Spanish for users who do not speak English or at least not quite understand just get a patch in some languages ​​such as Portuguese, since the Facebook page there are people brazil playing the game

It would be the perfect choice to create a clan and make clan wars

The option to put a store where users that let objects of a race other than her character has the facility to put in that store so others can buy items Gold

Unlocking a Slot for creating another character and that insitaria many to play as a character to play with it sometimes boring and without saying that Many not have monetary resources to pay for lower prices that are

Put more things in store for the characters and decorate the mehores things are bought with real money and as I said not many have the ability to buy with real money

Those are my suggestions hope that at least some will be taken into account, good afternoon and regreted

irst of all sorry if my English is bad , as you can see my native language is not English is my level of English Spanish is a 70 % since I was born in Venezuela South America