Someone help with build pve floor 900+ please thx

Could anyone help me with a build for PvE floor 900+ thank you.

Look in the build compendium for many options on builds.

Good luck,

Where do I see it ? Bro

Thx bro

Hey bro. In your opinion what would be the
best class for pve ?

Sry for the double post.

Warrior or Wizard seems to be the fastest and using a poison/blight build is way overpowered for PVE. Lot of options to find on the forum on specific builds.

Check out @cronos4321’s Hachimon build. Very powerful.

No have a look at do build compendium 2.0. This build compendium is far more reliable because it has builds that are the most up to date. Be sure to look out for builds such as hachimon. Very powerful :blush: