Spam post

Heeeeeeeck yeah. You know I be needin viagra!

Hey guys can we get an official set of rules? One where advertising leads to permanent IP bans? Kthx

A rule? I just delete bots forever if they make it past our math questions.

Looks like a certain set of bots have learned simple math though… we’re doomed

Skynet is here!!!

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I, for one, welcome our new AI overlords.

We need an actual captcha. It would be better for bot blocking than basic math… especially text based math… we could do image based math though… that would work fine.

Yeah, we might have to. Our method has kept us bot free for the past six or so months, so looks like some russian company figured out our secret and exploited it

Will try a non math question that people coming to our boards on purpose should know, and if that fails… will do captcha :frowning:

What exactly do you mean by prohibiting advertising. What if I recommend like a video or a game (off topic thread) and hotlink a page? You should really add a set of rules and appropriate punishments.

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I think he means non-members of the community trying to push products for profit. We shouldn’t have anything to worry about…

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