Specialist affix

does specialist affix affect storm skill?
does this mean when i cast storm,chances are it will proc 2 storm at same time right??

Specialist gives an extra chance of an extra specialist attack with a 1 second delay.But spell cooldown effects it. A fast cooldown attack like chakram will work. Storm which takes time to recast will not unless you add affixes that cause it to reduce cooldown rapidly.

are you sure @dickwad? I thought Specialist worked like Mirrorcast, but only for Special Skills. now, I haven’t used Specialist yet, but have used Mirrorcast recently, and I like it a lot, except you can only find it on loot. :imp: :angry: :anger: if it is handicapped by the cool down of the spell, Mirrorcast or Storm Proc would be better, I think.

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Not sure at all @Golem. It just feels that way.

No I’m sure

well, I was just thinking, that concerning the cool down, Specialist would only work when a Specials cool down is done so the Spell can be cast again, so Reduced Cool Down would be good here, and any other way of reducing a Specials cool down would mean Specialist would activate more often.


like golem said, i think mirror cast or skill proc from ruby is better.
i test it in orbs an i does proc another orb but when using storm, the moment i cast storm a second delay then another storm will be cast for free by the effect of specialist but the first storm seems cancelled.

my objective actually is to see if i can see the first storm continuously do damage after the specialist proc storm is also on going,any way storm seems special unlike orbs,chackrams and any other more


@HelpMe I remember reading that only 1 Storm can be in effect at a time, so these affixes basically only add a second to the length of time Storm lasts. I have always wanted to try Storm Special, Proc, and maybe Specialist or Mirrorcast to see if there are multiple Storms or only 1 at a time. using any form of Prismatic would help, since multiple Storms might be different Elements and you could find out that way if there are more than one Storm at a time.

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LOL! i never thought of it that way,genius!
or im just stupid not to see that element colors hahha.
i always use storm special ever since, so i really enjoy monster cant approach you with high frequency damage and storm hitting enemies.

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I also want to know something about orbs and storm…

The scenario is like this
I am using orbs as special with max skill stats which is 40
then i dont have any HP leech of 2% and HP per hit which is 250 or Vamp touch
next when spawning atleast 3 Epic monster on shrines and atleast in the 3 epic monster their is atleast 1 with thorn affix.
Now the casting orbs with it, i am 100% sure i will die of the thorns.
But when using a storm with max skill also, this never happen even if i have multiple thorn affix epic monster…
I believe orbs and storm have same frequency in hitting enemies right?
Orbs is so bad to thorns
that is why i use storm,but can anyone explain to me about dying with orbs.
I am also in high floors
im using wizard char


Prismatic Tests: when I was using Twister on my Staff, and had Twister Proc, and using Prismatic Talent, sometimes I would see Twisters with the colors of two different Elements. this happens because Twister Proc has the same cool down as Twister Skill with no delay, like you have with Mirrorcast. but the Ice and Shock Elements are almost the same color, so it was kind of hard to see if any Twisters had those two Elements together.

Orb, Storm, Thorns, and Attack Frequency:

Thorns works a lot like Crushing Blow, it lowers your HP by 10% of your current HP every time you hit your enemy while Thorns is active. it looks like it is off and on for 2 seconds each way, so it is possible to time your attacks for when Thorns is not active.

Attack Frequency of Orb & Storm: Storm attacks 4x a second. Storm 40 attacks 8x a second. Orb attacks 10x a second. Orb 40 attacks 14x a second. Storms last 5 seconds and don’t stack. if you cast another before the 5 seconds is up, the first Storm is replaced by the second Storm. I don’t know how this works with Proc, Mirrorcast, Specialist, or Elements Set. these might allow you to have multiple Storms, but that would need to be tested to make sure. I just did a test with Orb, and it looks like Orb lasts for about 4 seconds. Orb is like Twister, you can have a bunch of them cast together if you have a high cool down. I had Orb 25, and had about 4-5 Orbs in a small area hitting 12x a second, instead of one at a time like Storm.

Death by Orb & Thorns Combo: what I think is happening is that your Healing ability is doing well with Storm, because no matter how many enemies have Thorns, you only have one Storm hitting each of them, and your Healing ability is keeping your HP at 1 or better.

now with Orb, you can have many of them at one time, and all of them are damaging you if an enemy has Thorns. with one Orb, you can’t die by Thorns, but with multiple Orbs, your HP is getting dropped to zero because your Healing isn’t keeping up with the damage being done by Thorns from multiple Orbs hitting the enemy with Thorns.

another thing, do you mean you do not have HP Leach, HP per Hit, or Vampiric Touch for healing? I think that your Storm is killing your enemies before you get killed by Thorns, but all the Orbs are getting you killed by Thorns before you can kill the enemy. you might want to try waiting for the Thorns to be inactive and then attacking with Orb, and see if that kills the enemy before Thorns reactivates. or put one HP on Hit or one 2% HP Leach, and see if that fixes the problem. or maybe get your HP to 9 or lower so Thorns isn’t a problem. 10% of 9 is .9, and damage is done with whole numbers, like 1.

if my reasoning or theorizing is incorrect, I am sorry, and would like anyone out there to please correct me if I am wrong.

I hope this helps. thank you for your patience. :blush: