Spending Heroic points when leveling

Hey guys I’m still kinda new to this game and I’m asking myself how to spend my heroic points while leveling. Currently i’m level 27 and got 16 points to spend!

Now the things is. Since I’m leveling i’m mostly using the best weapon I find at that moment. Only daggers and a bow though since those 2 are my favorites. I’m switching between them all the time depending on which one does more damage. So imo it had no use to put all my points in to 1 skill (yet).

What do you guys recommend? I do use vial almost l the time tho so I could put them in stealth. Or fortune to get more items and hopefully better rolls.

And I dont have the money atm to reset it all everytime I switch weapons.

Any tips are welcome! Thanks


nice to know you are enjoying the game. at this point it’s best to put some points in Strength and Fortune. then as you progress add more points to skills you want to use as you can re-assign points later on

Thanks for the info!