Start from Zero

Hey, i am playing for a while now, but dont feel to make substancial progress. I have few crystals (to less to begin crafting) und fewer mythstones…
I want to get to floor500 m3 like in this forum everyone seems so easy does :slight_smile:

How is the path?
Getting to floor500 no matter what difficulty and farm there for crystals and mythstones?
Experience for Ascendies seem also very slow…

And what are cheap to craft/loot items that make me stronger early on?

I can upload my chars, but i dont think you wanna see them :grinning:

Ty for reading



Better save crystals plus i always use poison for farming.


for farming, just farm a lower floor until you get the Myth Stones & Crystals, and Items, that you can make a better set of Gears with. and then go to higher floors. it takes time.

for experience, if you are just going to go to level 99 Character once, you will get there eventually. if you are going to get all 6 Perks for better farming, then you need to make an Ascending Build that focus’s on getting experience. +200% experience on your equipment, and just kill monsters around floor 100-110, as experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100. experience from monsters on floor 500 is the same as floor 100.


Welcome greeny🤣 I have questions for you… What class do you love to play the most?
What weapon that you are comfortable to use?
How many times do you rebirth you hero?



I like to play warrior the most…followed by mage and rogue on the same level

I like whirlwind/cyclone for the soak ability… i read that the Glinting Hammer is nice but i cant afford it :rofl:

I rebirthed once for the dealer perk and im at lvl96…so i think whats best next :thinking:

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Okay thanks this tips is base on my experience as a new player as well… First make a farming build with eternalize, nadrojin and mythical…

  1. Eternalize: higher chance to get eternal item to convert it to a ultra rare crystals.
  2. Nadrojin for higher chance to get a legend item and covert it to the dust so that you can get more usefull item in the codox.
  3. Mythical for more mythstone drop rate and everytime you kill the boss in every floor the shop always refresh so buy the mythstone.

I know this build is not good at damage but it’s good at farming


Ok ty so far…

Is there any budget build that can be crafted from the codex, crystals or mythstones?

So some kind of Mythical (maybe Empyrean) and sets that work nice together…not like nearly all the builds here with lots of Obsidians and high level Eternals/Legendarys :laughing:

Ty Niob

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when I made my first Ascending Build, I just spent some Dust to get some Legend Items. as I was getting more experience and loot, I changed my Ascending Build by changing affixes, adding new affixes, and changing a couple of Items. by the time I finished Ascending, I had gone from the base Items I had started with to 4 of the same Items, 2 new ones, and most of the affixes changed as I added Crystal & Mythic Affixes, changed most of the Epic Affixes, and added a bunch of Myth Stones, and even added new Legend affixes with Ruby. took a long time, especially since I changed my Skills a few times from Storm to Twister and back.

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