Starting Items for Newb Wizard/Mage

Greetings everyone!

Still exploring the game.

I made a Wizard/Mage, and my main skill is Skullshield, anyone can suggest a Starting Items that can do a damage from 500k-1m?


Farm some crystals first, them we talk billion damage.

Where to find crystals? I am only new to this game and still exploring the game.

Billion damage? Im only asking for a good starting items that can do damage like 500k to 1m.

Crystals drops everywhere. Lvl up first, use items with elementaldmg+ to increase your power. For starter use plague set (drops from mobs) and use calite to set your items with poison element.

Once u get it, poison every mobs as much as u can. It will give you a million+ damage.

how to get billion damage sir?

There are some builds posted in the forum.

Can you suggest one for me? I’m warrior sir


Where can I find Mythstones?

And, do I need to finish each difficulty? Ex: Easy - do I need to finish it till 200?

I think floor 20+ where u can find mythstones.

No, its not neccesarry to finish all 200. Set your difficulty in the options.
While ingame press menu> select difficulty > easy to mythic 3 just choose

why billion if you can kill it with million?

Hi Eater, Can u suggest a good starting items for skullshield build?

Where to find Mythstones?

skullshield build what element?
mythstones will start droppings at floor 20+? npt sure about it but it will start dropping while climbing floors


Btw, how to change my special skills?
For example, my character is Rogue and I use Chakram, how to change my special skill into Knights Charge?

The amber crystal :smile:

go Mythic 1 difficulty first then go higher :blush:

for knight charge as @Griffin012 said Amber Crystal :smile:
Poison Build for Skullshield
Vampiric touch