Starting over

I have recently got a new phone and wanted to start over before on my laptop i had two level 90’s but i have never ascended any ideas for an early farming tactic’s any and all ideas are helpful also what class?

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Just put luck on items. Simple

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Talking about start over, i did make a new account, whid new email, new everything, in december, last year but i did play on her like 10 hours and never touch her ever again, today this morning i remember that accout exists​:thinking:. So i play on her, I even spend some money on her buying vanitys​:moneybag:, i get eternal league on her whyd the most crappy set that this account cod farm, this was so funny to play​:joy:, And people complaining that is hard to get eternal league, i see guys whyd eternal ascension, mythic ascension,on mythic div2, dude’s, if i play the game so mutch, that i did make to last ascension, dudes​:expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:, is so troll, Maybe if you guys try to farm less and focus understanding the game your life will be more easy, trust me!:+1:


Wizard is best class to start😉!

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okay yea i understand just playing the game is fun but i needed farming advice to help me build the gear i had in mind i understand that you have your opinion but still i was asking for farm advice not just play the game