Stash Bug, unable to access all 4 stashes.‏

Hi, I’m having problems with stash 1, 2, 3 & 4 in my iOS game.
I hired my Warrior to fight alongside my Wizard.
I first noticed that there were some bugs when I tap on the “Sort” tab in my bag, nothing happened.
But when I move to the next bag the items were sorted and when exit and come back to the bags, the sorted items reverted back to the same position.
Then all my 4 stashes required me to rebuy all of them.
My items are all inside and are still movable within the stashes, but I cannot move anything in or out of them.

This happened to me TWICE, the first time, I downloaded back my uploaded account which caused me to lose a lot of Legend items picked up.

Please advise.

Hey valent, sorry for your troubles! Your account has been fixed on the server. If you download again your stashes should show as unlocked.

As for what caused the issue, do you believe that the “Download” option ontop of your uploaded account caused your stashes to lock? Has you recently purchased the stashes or did you have them for awhile? Thanks!