Stat bug/reactor bug

My 99lvl mage got a stat reset after the recent update and now there’s only 98points available to spend.There was 294 points and over half of them just vanished.I tried to reset stats 3more times but it’s just fixed to 98points.And
reactor item isn’t working.Theres no lightning effect and damage…Anyone having same problems?How can I solve this problems?

Just read the patch notes

because of the new patch

Stat points where tripled in effectiveness and cut in 3 so that it didn’t take so long to spec :smile:

R.I.P Orb Reactor

Orb+reactor is just as good in PvE if not better do not worry :slight_smile:

Its good but the reactor’s Arc like effect is now short range. And also i cant get nar on the enemies whilr casting orb example Rogue Ricochet is my enemy AI and she already started firing, I cant get through near on her my orb can reach her but the reactors arc like effect isnt casting.

Reactors range is fine in everything but PvP especially now that you can add AOE radius in to increase it :smile:

Yeah but 1 Affix will sacrifice but its still very good though :slight_smile:

Yup! :smile: reactor is still one of those absolutely insanely strong PvE affixes


Use magnify

rest in peace reactor