Stats distribuition for PvP

In PvE we usually just put all points in one stat, like 299 on HP. But considering that in Arena the lvl cap is 20, what do happen to stat points? It just consider the first 60 points you add? It lowers it in proporcion to what you add? You have individual caps, that if you add 60 points on each it would all count?


You get 19 levels worth of stats distributed in the same ratios as you have them in PvE :smile:

Oh, ty… Cause I saw some ppl adding like 60 HP, 60 Mana and rest on Power. So I was wondering. ^^

Was about to ask this question until I found this xD

3.0 changed the stat distribution. That is why I listed 98 invested and 103 visual in the post on how to calculate HP/MP. Also, dev patch notes below.

Look in Features then Stats section.

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